The guy who started Record Store Day's record store goes out of business. | Hipster Runoff

The guy who started Record Store Day's record store goes out of business.

In recent years, blogs have enabled this 'National Alt Holiday' called Record Store Day. Basically, you are encouraged to go out and support your local record store by purchasing your buzzband's vinyl records thru these dying record stores. I think bloggers have been really into it because they feel 'guilty' for changing the music industry so much, so feigned nostalgia for 'supporting small biz owners' seems like an authentic thing to do.

Anyways, some dude who STARTED Record Store Day just went out of business. "If only we could find a way 2 make Record Store Day every day..."

The man behind Record Store Day has been forced to shut up shop.
Eric Levin, who founded the day to help promote independent record stores, will close Criminal Records in Atlanta, Georgia in November (11), according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.
Levin says, "We've been underwater since the economy became distressed. We've been on a rescue mission for three years. I'm done paying for it by myself.
"I gave myself until the 20th anniversary and if I was still drowning by August 2011, I'd pull the plug."

It is definitely always sad when some1's 'passion project' business goes out of business bc of evolving technology/business standards & practices/etc... But at the same time... KINDA FUNNIE/IRONIC... right? :-P

The man who came up with the last great record store gimmick finally 'came up short'. :-(

Do u support Record Stores, or is 'every day Record Store Day on iTunes/Spotify?'
Do u feel bad for this bro 4 going out of business, or does this happen in every line of work if u fail 2 push your business model 2 evolve?
Do u h8 Record Store Day?
Do u think this bro still gets $$$ for 'inventing' Record Store Day?
Is it 'too crowded' when u try to purchase ur fave band's limited edition vinyls?
Has Record Store Day become 'too commercialized' anyways? [via buzzbands piggybacking it 4 press]
Do u support ur local record store, or just stream shit / buy it off itunes / steal it / Spotify it?
Would u rather just order ur vinyls 'totally cheap' on the internet so that artists get 100% of the profit?
Were Record Stores always overrated anyways?