LANA DEL REY: EXPOSED. B4 she was alt, she was a failed mnstrm artist without fake lips | Hipster Runoff

LANA DEL REY: EXPOSED. B4 she was alt, she was a failed mnstrm artist without fake lips

lizzy grant lana del rey young before famousYesterday, Carles penned a piece of the 'up and coming' 'indie' artist named Lana Del Rey [link]. She is one of the most controversial figures in indie, especially as we begin to uncover her past. She was basically a failed mainstream artist who is being 'rebranded' behind major label dollars. Her songs appeal to indie blog bros who can catapult her towards relevancy + NPR-wave album sales ---> mainstream success. Should Interscope Records be applauded 4 signing her, and throwing mad $$$ behind her in order to try to take her to the mainstream thru the indiesphere?

Lana Del Rey will be the most divisive indie artist in years, and she will put the blogosphere thru many of our biggest challenges. Who will choose to 'cover' her? What blogs will be 'simple' enough to hype her manufactured indie pop sugar? Who will 'pan' LanaBB? Who will be a coward and say "It doesn't matter where she comes from and what she looks like. She makes good music, and that's all that matters"?

Meet Lizzy Grant. She had blonde hair, didn't look very 'alt sexy'. Sorta like a girl from my high school who was a part-time hostess at Chili's.

Here is a song by the artist formerly known as Lizzy Grant. As u can see, her gimmick of using 'shitty footage' and mediocre clips of herself singing were already establish, just not 'perfected'? She accidentally looked like too much of an amateur youtuber back when she was Lizzy Grant.

NYC songstress Lizzy Grant makes her debut into the music world with a video for her single, “Kill Kill”. Armed with her three-track EP, devastatingly retro-sexy look, and haunting, soulful voice, Lizzy is one to watch for ‘09.

Is Lana Del Rey more 'DEVASTATINGLY RETRO-SEXY' than Lizzy Grant? <3 <3 <3

Do u feel 'pissed off' by the manufactured buzz surrounding Lizzy Grant Del Rey?

Do u just want her lips?

Here is Lizzy Grant hanging out with an 'industry insider', probably scheming to 'trick' the indie blogosphere.

Canoodling with industry insiders
lana del rey before she was famous lizzy grant

OMG u got to hang out with Miley???!?! #jeal

Lana Del Rey: Did she have fake collagen lip injections?

In a world where Best Coast is celebrated for being 'pro-women' and 'empowering', Lana Del Rey is a massive step back for the anti-cyberbullying feminist movement within indie rock. Her career works against the indie ideals that if you are 'talented enough', u can make it. She repackaged herself as a brunette with collagen filled lips packaged as a lofi diy broad.

Will Lana Del Rey continue to fool the indiesphere, or will blogs protect our tastemaking voice and rally against her?
Do u h8 her or <3 her bc she is hot?
Who was she marketed as before? Little Boots, Lizzie Allen or some shit?
Is 'tricking the indie blogosphere' the fastest way 2 indie?
Should the blogosphere 'banish' her from indie instead of 'hyping her in2 the club'?
Is any blog that 'hypes her' totally inauthentic?
What type of cosmetic enhancements / plastic surgeries has she had in order to look 'more alt'?
Should we not judge her based on her packaging, only on her 1 decent song like we do with all other mediocre artists?
Who is the real Lizzy Grant/Lana Del Rey?
Does none of this matter bc she 'looks good in a bikini'?

Is Lana Del Rey the next overrated, marginally talented but TOTALLY HOT female in indie?

Lana Del Rey

Alternative Celebrity, Buzzband

Lana Del Rey is a hot female indie singer. She is 'mad controversial.'

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