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Girls frontman Christopher Owens says that Lana Del Rey sux bawlz, doesn't deserve fame & buzz

Christopher Owens might be the most 'outspoken indie twitterer' as of late, doing his best to brand himself as one of those 'over-sharing'/'quirky' alt celebs who every1 wants to follow in hopes of reading something controversial/quirky/etc. I support his pursuit of fame bc he seems more interesting/more informed than most of the self-involved alt celebs who bloggers always go 2 for an easy quote. Anyways, he went on a MASSIVE TIRADE against Jools Holland, but since Lana Del Rey is involved, it is probably better 4 headlines to interpret this as him saying that Lana Del Rey sux, and she doesn't deserve success, and he hates everything abt her, wishing her nothing but the worst, hoping her career goes completely down the shitter.

The truth is, we have to applaud Christopher Owens for speaking out against Unfair HypeBuzz and artists like Lana Del Rey. Lana Del Rey never slept on couches, touring across the country in a smellie van. Lana Del Rey will never refresh p4k at night, heart pounding, waiting to see a score that 'makes or breaks' their career. Lana Del Rey never sold plasma for a month to buy a legit PR services. Lana Del Rey just sips champagne as she has producers do all the work, then goes into the studio and sings with her sillie voice over the song and makes girlie faces into her webcam.

Ur better than Joolz, ChrissyBB! Don't sweat it. U will have ur time. U will play any show in the world that u want 2 play. Especially if ur next album sounds more Coldplay-y.

Don't live with h8 in ur heart... Forgive all the h8rz. Don't worry too much abt the unfairness of buzz. It could drive a sane man crazy. We must understand that there are buzz anomalies that the common alt cannot understand. We must be patient, understanding that Mother_Indie has a plan for all buzz artists. She has a plan for you, me, and every buzzband we know (and don't know).

Lana was created with the Devil's Buzz. The Indie Gods know this. They will rectify the situation. #pray4indie

Is Christopher Owens 'right'?
Is Lana Del Rey not 'paying her dues' [via artificial manufacturing process]?
R u on #TeamChrissyBB or #TeamLana?
Does he need to 'shut his trap' because he is already buzz rich? [via critical acclaim/indie tenure]
Did Jools 'eff up'?
Will he be 'blacklisted' from Jools Holland?
Who the eff is Jools Holland? Is he the Jay Leno or Jimmy Fallon or Conan or Craig Kilborn of the UK?
Why is buzz so unfair?
Do all indie artists h8 Lana Del Rey?
Is Christopher Owens the most followable artist on twitter of this buzz cycle, replacing Best Coast as the 'most likely indie artist to let us know that they are gassy after eating Mexican food'?

Christopher Owens

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Christopher Owens is the lead singer of the popular buzzband Girls.

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Lana Del Rey

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Lana Del Rey is a hot female indie singer. She is 'mad controversial.'

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