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Lana Del Rey TANKS on her live television debut, sounds like a vocal impressionist

Let's be honest. Any one who ever thought it was 'kewl' to buzz Lana Del Rey should be forced to issue a public apology, then have significant percentage of their twitter followers 'removed'. We witnessed her 'live television debut' on some Jools Holland show, which is probably like the Jay Leno of England or something, and it did NOT go well. Maybe nerves. Maybe her marketing, pr, and management teams got a little bit too ambitious. She clearly wasn't ready 4 this, but I think they are doing the EZ buzz strategy where they 'piss off American bloggers', then go over to Britain and convince the mags+humans that she is 'buzzworthy' because they still 'get off' to buzzing/'creating' a 'new artist' who they can claim that they invented.

Did Lana Del Rey 'kill it' or 'effing tank'?

I'm not really sure what is 'charming'/'appealing' abt her live brand. She seems better in vlog-style videos with cheesy vintage filters. I guess her voice is 'supposed to be unique', but it sounds like some sort of vocal impressionist doing cliched girly vocal deliveries. I could see a similar performance at a karaoke night in an old folks home every Saturday night. This is a MASSIVE DISASTER, and it is clear that indie tastemakers will turn on her album if she continues to 'absolutely butcher' the ~1.5 decent songs that she already has.

Needless to say, the Lana Del Rey experiment is a MASSIVE DISASTER on all fronts.

They even got a professional-ass looking musician bro who looks like to play piano. Seems like he really vibed, picking up a paycheck to play for this damsel.

Do u wish that bro played in ur buzzband?
Does Lana BB look good?
Did she sound good?
Is her voice 'interesting'?
Is her live presence 'still evolving'?
Did she 'deserve' this guestspot, or should she have done more to 'earn it'?
Are things 'coming too EZ' 4 Lana Del Rey?
Does she sound like a timeless diva or just another 'random broad with a quirky voice'?
Do u think her career will be better or worse than Donna Lewis's?
Do u still buy in2 her?
Did u ever?
Is Lana Del Rey destined to sing the song 'Santa Baby' in her sille ass voice?

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