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Real Estate gets 8.7 from P4k. Have they made 'the leap'?

Real Estate's new album "Days" might be the most vibeful album of the year, soothing our indie souls in ways that James Blake and Bon Iver could only dream of. Many indie insiders were unsure if the album would 'excel' or just get 'celebrated' in a lofi, yet forgettable manner that tends to happen to most buzzbands that end up being 'too nichey.' It seems like Real Estate's review was 'mad praiseful', and they turned every potential weakness in the album into a strength. The band scored an 8.7, which means it is better/most historically relevant than chillwave.

They srsly made it sound like it is the chillest/most beautiful album of 2k11. This is a MASSIVE day for Real Estate. Their high score + widely accepted critical acclaim means they are on the fast track to mad festival gigs, world tours, and . If they come out with a music video that promotes their personal brands to make them 'more alt famous' instead of 'some lazy lofi bullshit that they let their art school friend make', they will surely be on the fast track to handjobs from an alt girl of their choosing. Girls frontman Christopher Owens used a similar strategy with the video for "Hunny Bunnie."

But the band's celebration of the uncomplicated is less about how Days was written than about the beauty of life seen in retrospect, especially young life in small towns.

It is basically like the hit film TREE OF LIFE bc it is s00 beautiful in a simple way that celebrates the chill moments of life.

Like the stirring scenes of suburban Texas in Terrence Malick's The Tree of Life, these songs find meaning in daily mundanities-- in houses and gardens, phone lines and street lights, names carved in trees and leaves pressed by footsteps. "All those wasted miles/ All those aimless drives through green aisles," sings Courtney wistfully. "Our careless lifestyle, it was not so unwise." That sentiment was evident on the band's debut, but here they've honed it to its essence.

'It's not just simple, yall. It is beautiful. Because life is simple. And beautiful.'

The music bears a simplicity to match. These aren't minimal songs by any means, but the layers of cycling guitar, rolling rhythm, and gentle echo are always understated, more about conveying feeling than showing off the band's considerable chops. There's also a smooth efficiency in these rich tunes. No note feels wasted, and nothing happens at the wrong time or in the wrong place. Much of this precision comes from guitarist Matt Mondanile, whose nimble playing adds color to each song's shape.

They are also compared to REM, Pavement, and some other band that is probably regarded as 'authentic.'

It's a quality their music shares with the jangly hooks of early R.E.M., the breeziness of later Pavement, and the garage twang of the Fresh & Onlys. But their closest kin are New Jersey forefathers the Feelies.

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