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Bradford Cox press tour continues. Says he is no longer 'asexual', now 'queer.'

Bradford Cox, the frontman of Atlas Sound/Deerhunter, is on a MASSIVE PRESS TOUR. He is basically churning out bloggable memes in every interview he does, which is very honorable, because most interviews with indie artists are hella boring and you just learn that the indie artist does't make enough money to live and they have to manage a Sbarro while they aren't on tour. Anyways, Bradford recently 'talked shit about chillwave' and also got 'super dark'.

Now he has moved on to talk about his own sexuality. He has transitioned from being an 'asexual being' to being a homosexual. It is important not to take issues of sexual orientation lightly, but instead praise the strength of Bradford for openly discussing his wavering orientation, even if he is doing it just to generate press 4 his album.

Bradford Cox often talks about how 'every1 in indie rock is a pussie.' He claims 'something is missing' compared to the legends of old.

What's missing?
Queerness. Homo-eroticism, boyhood.

In the Eighties, there were a fair number of, if not out, but queer artists who actually became rock stars. But it's very hard to come up with many people in the past decade or so who fit that niche.
I'll raise my hand.

Why do you think this has been absent from a lot of music?
I think that the world seems to be in some sort of conservative, cultural, retroactive, retrograde... I don't know. It's not that I think being queer is something someone should aspire to. People should just be themselves. I just don't see a lot of selves, I just see a lot of… I don't know, I just don't want to be hateful. I don't see a lot I can relate to. I'd be real disappointed if I was 17 or 16 or 15 or 12 or 11, you know?

So when you were that age, which wasn't all that long ago, who inspired you?
Joey Ramone, Patti Smith, Lou Reed's image, whether it was fucking real or not, I don't know. The B-52s, Elvis, the Everly Brothers. Not exactly the queerest thing in the world.

Is there something in the music that you're making, particularly on Parallax, that you've been trying to push to the foreground of what you do?

Sexuality? I don't hide anything, but I also don't really highlight anything either. For a long time I just said I was asexual, but now I just realized that… I'm still, I guess… I mean, I'm queer. I just sort of, don't really have a very big self-esteem, so asexuality is sort of like a comfort zone where you don't get rejected. So maybe that stuff is bubbling up, I don't know. I don't intend my music to be about that. I intend my music to be kind of cosmic.

Does Bradford Cox sound like a troubled soul?
Has he propelled himself into the discussion of the most famous gay icons in indie?
Is he 'being himself' or just 'doing it all for press'?
Does he even know what he is talking abt?
Is 'queer' the new 'gay'?
Should Brad Cox understand that he will NOT get rejected because there's always a groupie out there who will do anything to sleep with some1 who is alt famous?
Is Brad Cox the #1 homosexual in indie?

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Bradford Cox is the lead singer of Atlas Sound and Deerhunter.

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