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Das Racist plays as a 'full band' on Conan, Heems pretends he is Panda Bear

Whenever I've seen Das Racist LIVE, I have only seen a few faded bros rolling around on stage rapping. Never have I seen them 'play as a full band' with 'backing members.' I didn't even know they could play instruments. It seems like they saw the Conan O'Brien show as an opportunity to 'prove that they are real musicians' [via Unplugged vibes]. Maybe some1 told them that they had to 'put on a good show' or else they would 'totally piss away any chance of being on Fallon and having ?uestlove be their backup drummer instead of some alt dude.'

Anyways, it seemed chill. Seems like their 'frontman' Heems wanted to prove that he is 'the Panda Bear of Das Racist' by playing sampler on stage.

There was also a fake Michael Jackson bro involved. They were probably singing the song "Mike Jax" because his doctor is about to get sentenced and sent to the slammer.

Did Das Racist 'kill it'?
Did they 'tank'?
Should Victor Vasquez permanently play drums on stage?
Will Das Racist change their live performance setup?
Is it more cost effective for a buzzband to refrain from traveling with instruments?
Is Heems a better sampler player than Noah Lennox?
Are they trying to be 'less of a rap band' and 'more of an indie band'?
If Das Racist were 'black', would they have Odd Future levels of success?
Is Conan O'Brien trying to win 'the indie cred war' against Jimmy Fallon?
When will Conan be cancelled?

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Das Racist is some sort of post-ironic rap group.

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