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Drake only gets an 8.6 from P4k, fails to break the 10.0 rap barrier

Drake is commonly referred to as 'the softest nigga in the game.' However, his latest album 'Take Care' has been buzzed about like it is the greatest rap album ever because Drake is a genius and he raps about banging women and dealing with them falling in love with him, but him being like 'I luv u, but no, I can't, I'm too famous. I love u. Oh wait. I'm faded.'

However, Pitchfork, the popular rating site decided to 'pan the eff out of it.' 8.6. Maybe that is a good score now, but from the commonman's perception, anything less than a 10.0 for a rap album is 'an effing disaster.'

Drake is s00oo0o ready 2 share his soul!

In this age of reality television, 24-hour celebrity news, and second-to-second documentation-- where behind-the-scenes sagas mix with what's on screen and on record, creating an ever-morphing, ever-more-self-aware new normal-- Drake is an apt avatar.

Thanks a lot, Kanye West. Now all of these rappers are 'oversharing' like tweens with a livejournal/twitter/xanga.

We can thank Kanye West for legitimately kicking off this open-book hip-hop era, and it's increasingly apparent that Drake is the most engaging new rap star since Ye. While fame causes some to withdraw and cling to what little privacy they have left, this 25-year-old Canadian's penchant for poetic oversharing has only been emboldened by his success. When he's not making the most epic drunk-dial song in pop history with "Marvins Room", he's openly pleading with former flame Rihanna on the record's title track, or duetting with Twitter wife Nicki Minaj on "Make Me Proud" only to call out such publicity-baiting "relationships" two tracks later, where he raps, "It look like we in love, but only on camera." With its startlingly frank talk and endless heartbreak, Take Care often reads like a string of especially vulnerable-- and sometimes embarrassing-- Missed Connections.

Should I just browse the Missed Connections section of craigslist instead of listening to modern relevant rap?

Did u know Drake was totally inspired by indie dubstep vibes?

This is sensuous music that breathes heavy somewhere between UGK's deep funk, quiet-storm 90s R&B, and James Blake-inspired minimalism. (Drake reportedly had a vinyl copy of Blake's debut LP on display in the studio while recording Take Care.) Its subtlety is a direct rebuke to the rash of in-the-red Eurotrance waveforms clogging up radio dials. Even the more upbeat tracks take pains not to rely on a simple thump. "Take Care" features Rihanna and a four-four beat, but the singer shows off her little-heard whispering delivery and the instrumental comes courtesy of the xx's Jamie xx, who nimbly tailors his remix of Gil Scott-Heron's "I'll Take Care of You" for the occasion.

So Drake gets an 8.6, which is an acceptable score if ur a chillwaver. However for any rapper in the game, it seems like the goal is 10.0 or bust. I guess P4k might just be all like 'dis nigga too soft to even get a 9. Don't get me wrong, I vibe 2 it, but dat is a soft as hell nigga.'

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