Lana Del Rey spotted canoodling with relevant alt DJ A-TRAK. Is there ♥ in the air? | Hipster Runoff

Lana Del Rey spotted canoodling with relevant alt DJ A-TRAK. Is there ♥ in the air?

Lana Del Rey is 'fresh meat' on the indie scene, which means that she hasn't been tainted by years on the road like many other relevant alt females. Every1 wants a piece of her. Boys, girls, agents, managers, some guy who just opened a club, some people with blogs that want to interview her. There is simply not enough Lana to go around...

Which is why we are SO happy 4 her because she was spotted canoodling with relevant AltJew DJ A-TRAK. It seems like he is truly a Chosen One... not just because he is a member of the Chosen Ppl, but because Lana chose him 2 canoodle with. I have NEVER seen her smile like that. She usually just sexily gazes into the camera and sings 'VEEDEEOHHYOOO GAAAHHEEYMMS.' But now she finally has some one to ride in the passenger seat of her Ferrari!

Congrats to Lana Del Rey and Alain Macklovitch! I wonder if she will keep her last name or go by 'Lana Del Macklovitch.' Most likely, she will keep her stage name, and be referred to as 'Lizzie Macklovitch.' Let's hope that she isn't telling A-TRAK to get back to playing his turntable video games any time soon!


Twitter PDAs make me sad bc I have no1 relevant 2 flirt with me on twitter. :'-(

R u happy for A-TRAK and Lana Del Rey?
Is Lana Del Rey dating A-TRAK?
Do u think Dave 1 from Chromeo is 'hella jealous' of the 'slam piece' that his bro snagged?
Have u ever seen Lana smile like that?
Do they seem like a good couple?
Do u think he is producing a Duck_Sauce-like anthem to help her appeal to ppl who like 'club music'?
On a scale from 0.0 to 10.0, what score would u give them on the CANOODLE FACTOR?

Lana Del Rey

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