Real Estate makes new dogwave video for 'It's Real.' Is it the best MP3 of the year? | Hipster Runoff

Real Estate makes new dogwave video for 'It's Real.' Is it the best MP3 of the year?

After the dust settles and the indiesphere realizes that M83 was overrated and Bon Iver was boring, Real Estate's hit album 'Days' is a chill bro dark horse to win 'end of year' accolades depending on the editorial voice and mission of online websites that make lists abt what is relevant. The song 'It's Real' is so good that it gets annoying, but then you are like 'alright' it is chill, I guess I'll vibe to it again. Will it win MP3 of the Year?

Anyways, they decided to brand the song with some dog vibes. I guess that is chill. Sorta riding Marley & Me waves, making u feel all connected to the dog, then at the end the dog dies and you start crying, and ur all sad, and u think about how animals are kinda like mini-humans, except when a human dies, it is all heavy, and ur way sadder, but then u think about how much you loved the dog, a living, breathing organism, and u start to wonder what makes 'the human race' special, and ur like 'I swear my dog felt real emotions, real love', then u get all sad and wonder if ur gonna meet ur dog in heaven, and if it will recognize you because dogs have poor eye sight, sorta like the hit Eric Clapton song "Tears in Heaven."

Do u vibe 2 this song?
Do u like dogs?
Are u more into cat memes?
Do u want to live in NJ in a 4 bedroom apartment with a relevant buzzband?
Has ur dog ever died and made u sad?
Should Real Estate win 'album'/'song of the year'?
Or do they have to do a Kanye collab b4 they are 'taken more seriously'?