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VIDEO INTERVIEW: Lana Del Rey says 'Video Games' is about her deadbeat exBF gamer

At one point in the year, people were saying that 'Video Games' was the song of the year. However, now that we're done dragging her through the buzz mud, no1 even cares about her music any more and she has 0% artistic integrity. It is only a matter of time before she is a lamestream VH1 You Oughta Know Buzz Artist. She has been on some massive European Press tour, which is a good idea because those foreigners still treat artists like valuable resources, not just human memes that we 'use' to generate content.

Anyways, some random ass foreign press ppl did some interview with her, and they were all like 'WHAT IS THE SONG VIDEO GAMES ALL ABOUT? WHAT INSPIRED IT? IS IT REAL OR FAKE?' Then she said that it was written when she was a failure as a musician, and she had some lame boyfriend, and their lives' were totally boring, and she was complacent, and she would just watch him play video games. She did not mention if weed was involved.

I sorta wish I could have been her BF at the time. I would have encouraged her to get an online degree, or attend a technical school. We could still be living together. Maybe she'd gain a bit of weight because of our codependence on fast-food. I would let her know that it was 'okay' to 'settle'. We could be happy. We could have kids. We could move to suburbia and live off her dad's domain-peddling fortune. I heard he is so ruthless that he squatted on, and sold it to her mainstream record label for $1 million!

R u happie that Lana escaped to buzzworthier pastures?
Does she look 'effing hot'?
Is she still a 'song of the year' contender, or are those just pipedreams?
Do u wish u were her BF? [via Best Coasts]
Do u think her exBF played 'violent' games?
Did he 'wear headset' and 'talk to teammates'?
Did he play Wii? Do u think she played too?

File Photo: Lana Del Rey's boyfriend

'go plaayyhh yooohhhh veeehhhddeeoohhh gaaahhyyymeeezz'
-Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey

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