Aziz Ansari, James Murphy & alt_top chef David Chang brag abt their 'relevant epic bro trip' 2 Japan | Hipster Runoff

Aziz Ansari, James Murphy & alt_top chef David Chang brag abt their 'relevant epic bro trip' 2 Japan

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There's nothing more/less interesting than reading about 'epic adventures' of famous/relevant/buzzworthy human beings. There was some article in GQ about a hang sesh in Japan with Aziz Ansari, James Murphy, and David Chang. Apparently, David Chang is a 'famous chef', who basically invented the high-end Chili's or something. GQ basically funded a trip with 3 geniuses of music, comedy, and food. Not sure if it was really THAT interesting, but at least they got a free trip out of it. I hope there were some really dark stories involving dead prostitutes and all-u-can-eat bukkake restaurants, because if I ever go 2 Japan, I'm going to try to get as dark as possible.

Anyways, if ur famous and u tweet that you have other famous friends that want to hang out and let a magazine write abt it, then u can get a free trip 2 anywhere in the world.

It began with a photo: three men, snapped from the waist up. On the left, Chang, rosy cheeked and grinning. On the right, Murphy, gray bearded and Zen, raising one hand in a gesture of mahalo. Between them, a head shorter, with one arm on each of the others' shoulders, Ansari, mouth and eyes wide open in his trademark "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?" gape. The three were at The Breslin, at New York's Ace Hotel, for the afterparty of an Arcade Fire show; none were especially sober. Ansari tweeted the photo with a message: "David Chang, @lcdsoundsystem, and myself want to go to Tokyo and eat food. Can some magazine/Travel Channel pay."

To be clear: We are not accustomed, here at GQ, to acting as a celebrity Make-A-Wish Foundation. But something about this tweet captured our attention. The grouping was unlikely, yet it made an instant kind of cosmic sense, as though you had been waiting for the picture long before it appeared. The Venn diagram of their fame might have a small overlap—I found that most people knew two of the three—but that intersection was a particular pocket of smart, inventive, forward-looking cool. The destination, too, made a certain intuitive sense, Tokyo being both a fun-house mirror of pop-culture iconography and a place where generations of Western seekers have gone to feel both reverently awed and gloriously disoriented.

If any magazines/Travel Channels are reading this, I would like to star in a food-based television show where I take on food challenges across the world. It is tentatively titled 'Bro Vs. Food.'

Overall, the 'piece' is just filled with tidbits that try to make the writer seem like they 'wanted him around'/like he was a chill bro who was vibing with celebs. There are also tidbits abt AZN food. I've only ever eaten at PF Changs and Panda Bear Express. I've never even eaten sushi because I like cooked red meat.

Any ways, we hear that James Murphy has an effed up relationship with his father.

Murphy and Chang knew each other only slightly. But both had found themselves, perhaps somewhat surprisingly, responsible for large, sprawling businesses—Chang the ever expanding empire of Momofuku restaurants, which have been at the vanguard of casual/fine dining in New York, Murphy both the perpetually touring LCD Soundsystem and his independent label, DFA Records. Both wore their more obsessive, perfectionist neuroses on their sleeves, though Murphy projected the hard-won calm of a handsome, aging Irish barfly, while Chang, a decade younger, could seem as tightly wound as a taiko drum. Their kinship on this trip seemed instant.

"My dad would say like two things a year to me, and they'd be mean," said Murphy as we tucked into a delicate handkerchief of raw sea bream.

"That was very Korean of him," said Chang.

I wonder if James Murphy ever had a dark moment where he was like 'CAN'T U JUST SAY UR PROUD OF ME?' I know I have that every time I come home and see my distant father watching sports on TV. :-(

Anyways, they did Japanese things. Ate food. Sang karaoke. Seemed like a bro of a bro time. Maybe 1 day I will go somewhere with some1 famesies and it will be magazine-puff-piece-worthy.

Once we cram into the room, having picked up some of Murphy's friends from previous trips along the way, the other guys show off their own special powers, like some kind of ninja superteam: Whap! Power of Hyperkinetic Comedian! Ansari climbs up on a banquette and goes bouncing around on the upholstery, performing both parts of B.o.B and Bruno Mars's "Nothin' on You." Zing! Power of Lead Singer! Murphy dials up Lou Rawls's "You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine" and launches in with a rich, rolling, buttery vocal that brings the room to a dead halt. The Mrs. Claus girls appear in the door as somebody dials up "Girls Just Want to Have Fun." Ansari wanders into the room next door and sings the Backstreet Boys to the shocked party. Their group joins ours. Or maybe we end up in the hallway. More Zima. Candy spills out across the floor. Somebody dials up A-Ha, and Murphy, Ansari, and Chang join arms:

Take on me

(Take on me, echo the rest of us.)

Take me onnnn

I'll be gone

In a day or two

Somehow it's become 4 A.M. We roll out into the wet, shockingly empty streets, still singing, and try to orient ourselves home by the blinking roof lights of the Cerulean. What began with a pleading tweet from Ansari ends with a triumphant one: #WeDominatedTokyoKaraokeTonight.

What a bunch of bros.

Does this seem totally fun?
Have u ever had David Chang food? Is it buzzworthy?
Are AZN chefs 'overrated' bc they just make fancy sushi ramen?
What is better in Japan: The prostitutes or the food?
Have u ever made love to a Japanese female and thought she was 'crying' but she was actually having multiple orgasms?
Should James Murphy 'retire' and stop hogging headlines?
Should Aziz Ansari launch a rap career [via Donald Glover]?
Who do u want to go on a relevant altbro trip with? Where would u go?
Should I go 2 Iran with Ethan Kath and Alice Glass?
Should I go 2 Afghanistan with Ezra Koenig and Bobby Flay?
Should I go 2 North Korea with Lana Del Rey and Guy Fieri?
Should I go 2 China with Chef Tom Colicchio and 'Padma' and Regine Chassagne?

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