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Brooklyn Poet & DJ Tao Lin spotted canoodling with Lana Del Rey

Recently, Lana Del Rey was spotted canoodling with relevant AltJew DJ A-TRAK [link]. She is truly becoming a top tier alt socialite, and we will see no shortage of pictures of her canoodling with other relevant alt celebs so that blogs can post it and be all like '2 brilliant minds and talents are meeting.' Can't wait 4 festival season! <3 <3 <3

Now, it seems like she has moved on to a new DJ (and writer/poet) Tao Lin. As you may remember, Tao Lin made his DJ debut at #BleepyBloopFest several months ago [link]. He is best known for writing abt his personal life as if he is depressed, so he will probably write some erotic story about a sexual encounter with Lana Del Rey, except his penis couldn't get hard then he will say random quirky stuff that wanna-be-literary-tweens will think is all insightful and revolutionary.

Who knows if Tao Lin and Lana Del Rey will last... he sure is moving fast after the recent separation from his ex-wife, Megan Boyle. He is on record as saying that the breakup was 'her fault', so I hope that he has found happiness.

Do u think they make a good couple?
Does Lana Del Rey have 'yellow fever'?
Does Tao look good, healthy, tan?
Can Lana Del Rey finally find a man who isn't on the couch playin' his veeehddeeooohh gaaahhyymes? -mainstream 'gossip rag' when Lana Del Rey dates a famous TV star