EXCLUSIVE: Photo of Lana Del Rey (formerly Lizzy Grant) as a child emerge | Hipster Runoff

EXCLUSIVE: Photo of Lana Del Rey (formerly Lizzy Grant) as a child emerge

Lana Del Rey used to be an entirely different person before she was famous. It's nothing new, many of our favorite alt icons have 'fake names', also known as 'pseudonyms.' However, every1 got all pissed at Lana Del Rey because 'she lied to us', but they weren't actually 'pissed', they just wanted an excuse to talk about a hot girl with mediocre music. Can't wait til her Grammy noms next year!

Anyways, this photograph of Lana Del Rey as a kid has been 'unearthed', which means some1 who went to school with a 'now famous person' probably scanned it to show off to their friends. As u can tell, she has always been a pretty princess. As kids, the majority of us are 'mainstreamers' though, so u can't really analyze her looks. It is good 2 see Lana happy... I wonder if she could sing back then. She probably ran around the playground singing 'GOOO PLAAY YOOO VEEEHDDEEEEOHYOO GAAYYHHEEEEMZ' and every1 was all like 'Can I have ur choco chip granola bar, bb?'

Does Lana Del Rey look good as a bb?
Do u wish she would return to her Lizzy Grant roots?
Do u vibe 2 her?
Does that bro seem 'hella lucky' to be vibing with an altceleb at such a young age?
Do u think she is in the VIP area of her pre-school?
Has the Lana Del Rey overexposure 'gone too far'?

Lana Del Rey

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Lana Del Rey is a hot female indie singer. She is 'mad controversial.'

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