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CONSPIRACY: Does Lana Del Rey's "Video Games" rip off an old Greek song?

If indie music message boards had trending topics, then "Δρόμοι που αγάπησα - Ελένη Βιτάλη" would definitely be trending. I'm not really sure how to say that, but many Greek-music enthusiasts are beginning to claim that Lana Del Rey's "Video Games" was ripped off / sampled from this song. Of course, every1 claims that every indie artist ripped off/sampled sounds from some1 else. It was at the foundation of the chillwave movement and the structural basis of most dance songs. However, every1 h8s Lana Del Rey, so they will probably say 'OMG I can't believe she's a thief. What will she do next 2 betray us? Sigh... I can't believe she did it again... Srsly Lana? Srsly?'

It is a Greek song from 1991 sung by Eleni Vitali called "Dromoi Agapisa Pou." This is apparently the 'info' on who sings / wrote the song, or something. The only Greek word I know how to say is "fallaffy", so there's no way I could pronounce this stuff.

music -george stavrianos lyrics-stelios hatzimihail(1991)
singer-eleni vitali
δίσκος "Δρόμοι που αγάπησα" (1991)
Στίχοι: Χατζημιχαήλ Στέλιος
Μουσική: Σταυριανός Γιώργος

Do u notice a similarity, or is this a reach?

Does LDR have a Greek background?
Do they ACTUALLY sound the same or is it a reach?
Are there only similar vocal stylings?
Should LDR have 'ripped off' a better song?
Should she have hired Greek backup singers on SNL?
Should samples be illegal?
Will LDR be banned from Greece?
Is the entire world turning on #LDR?

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