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Did Twin Sister 'rip off' Beach House's buzzband aesthetic at a recent live show?

Every buzzband has a personal buzz brand. It is an important part of making urself identifiable to consumers so they can be all like 'oh ya, I know them. I could spot them from a mile away.' But if u were standing a mile away from Twin Sister at a recent buzz show, you might have thought you were watching Victoria LeGrand and the Beach House band.

As u can see, Andrea Estella is wearing a blazer with shoulder pads... Her hair is moderately curly towards her ends. She is usually known 4 wearing wigs.

Looks kinda like Vicki LeGrand... She's FAMOUS 4 her curly mop and sexi grandma shoulder pads... [link]

Now let's look at 'the other dude' from Beach House...

Doesn't he look similar 2 'other dude' from Twin Sister?

Who also looks ALARMINGLY similar 2 other other dude from Twin Sister?

It seems like there is a massive buzz feud broiling between Beach House and Twin Sister that will certainly be settled in fisticuffs at a future VIP area of a relevant music festival. In 2k12, the 'shit will hit the fan', and only 1 buzzband can take ownership of the 'female frontwoman with blazer and shoulder pads and curly hair with other dude looking alt and playing guitar personal brand.'

Let's #pray that this gets settled soon. peacefully.

R u on #TeamBeachHouse or #TeamTwinSister?
Who is hotter: Vicki LeGrand or Andrea Estella?
Would u rather be Eiffel Towered by the Twin Sis bros or get busy with Alex Scally of Beach House (aka other dude)?
Do all 'other dudes' look the same?
Do u feel bad when a buzzband only has a bunch of 'other dudes'?
Do u own ur own personal brand?

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