LA Times claims Carles in midst of MASSIVE BREAKDOWN, more outlets celebrate His brilliance | Hipster Runoff

LA Times claims Carles in midst of MASSIVE BREAKDOWN, more outlets celebrate His brilliance

Last week, Carles turned his popular internet weblog into the Lana Del Report, getting 'mad hits' from that 'sweet, sweet Lana Del Rey traffic. It seems like blogs and news outlets are going CRAZIE4CARLES and his unique web brand, as he is finally sharing his #Brilliant_Mind with 'the lamestream masses' once again. However, he came under fire from the Los Angeles Times, and they said that he was having a 'Psychic Meltdown.' I'm not sure if that is related to the popular Neon Indian 2k11 album 'Psychic Chasms' or something.

Via the LA Times auxiliary content farm:

After Lana Del Rey's widely panned SNL performance, the savagely funny satire site Hipster Runoff has been staring into an existential abyss.

The popular news and review site, known for the doofusy textspeak of its pseudonymous founder Carles and a transparent obsession with its own "relevance," has been a kind of Pitchfork-era update of Beavis and Butt-Head since its inception in 2007. The site's blissfully blinkered worldview is a savvy illustration of today's twentysomething id.

But the subject of Lana Del Rey has apparently sent Carles into a kind of ultra-meta tailspin.

Has Carles 'completely lost it'?

But in a long, tortured essay, Carles comes to a bleak conclusion that essentially all culture and cultural criticism is a cog in an Internet hype machine whose sole purpose is to self-perpetuate. Money can be made, but it's not the point -- all of art and all of Internet culture is essentially an empty act of "content farming" and self-fabrication (or, as Carles would call it, "personal-brand-building").

Hipster Runoff has renamed itself the "Lana Del Report" and seems to express a genuine sympathy with Del Rey as a product of an esoteric media-industrial complex far bigger than herself. Lately, Carles has been tweeting some uncomfortably earnest cries for help.

In the words of Carles.... "Help."

Elsewhere, the NY Post claimed that HIPSTER RUNOFF was one of the realest niggas in the LDR-authentic-criticism movement, proving that HIPSTER RUNOFF is THE premiere indie gossip rag on the internet. [link]

“Meet Lizzy Grant. She had blond hair, didn’t look very ‘alt sexy.’ Sorta like a girl from my high school who was a part-time hostess at Chili’s,” wrote “Carles,” the blogger behind Hipster Runoff, which has dedicated its Lana Del Report to “LDR News, Memes, Buzz, Opinions and Hate Coverage.”

The Guardian disagrees, claiming that Carles and his popular weblog HIPSTER RUNOFF has in fact turned LDR meme bashing into 'an art form.' [link]

Suddenly, many of the fans that had boosted Del Rey turned on her in spectacular fashion. Music blogs poured vitriol on her talents. Some influential music websites, such as Hipster Runoff, have turned insulting Del Rey into an art form.

In addition, some internet comedy blog about failed niche web comics also claimed that HIPSTER RUNOFF was 'eating it's own tail.' [link]. Last week was not just a 'Lana Del Roast', but more importantly, a Celebration of Carles and the purest form of blogging.

If you visit Hipster Runoff right now, its name has been changed to the Lana Del Report, and the site spent a day or two covering nothing but her. Carles’ wrote an explanatory piece, which is sort of about Del Rey, but more about blogs, the role of Carles, and what his website has become. And it proves that while watching Hipster Runoff write about a manufactured “indie” celebrity may be entertaining, watching Hipster Runoff write about Hipster Runoff is full-on fascinating. It’s one of the deepest and funniest things ever posted on a site that’s a treasure trove of deep and funny. In some ways, it’s the site’s creator owning up to the fictional nature of Carles. In other ways, it just makes the author more unknowable. In every way, it’s hilarious and vital for anyone who wonders how the internet is affecting our discourse.

With so much blog press, it is clear that Carles is 'on his A-game', managing to KILL IT, NAIL IT, and REAM IT in 2k12. Unfortunately for Carles, there is only one way to go now that he is on top--down the shitter.

Has Carles 'tanked'?
Has Carles 'returned'?
Have the anonymous HRO interns finally 'got their shit 2gether'?
Is Carles having the biggest meltdown in the history of blogspots?
Is HIPSTER RUNOFF better or worse than ever?
Is Carles 'as swag as it gets'?
Will blogs survive in the post-Lana era?

How long can blogs milk Lana Del Meme think pieces?
Has Carles turned into the #1 meme controller in indie?
Has Carles 'sold the eff out' by blogging about lamestream topics like #LanaDelRey?
Do u have a dream that 1 day u will trend on twitter, even if ur name is misspelled?


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