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Lana Del Rey used to have a teenage drinking problem, turns to soft UK press for sympathy + new image

Lana Del Rey is famous 4 tanking on SNL. Now she is in 'scramble mode' to create a narrative that protects her album from tanking. It seems like in an interview with the Telegraph, she took some time 2 'address the haters', and potentially create a sympathy-based narrative. Of course, leave it to some 'soft ass' UK publication to guarantee puff-piece treatment. Say what u will abt mean ass American blogs, but at the end of the day, Americans are better buzz manufacturers, buzz panners, and have better taste in music.

Is this the beginning of a new image 4 Lana Del Rey?
Has she clarified 'who she really is'?

Did u know that she isn't actually a 'rich girl'?

Her father is a real-estate investor, her mother an advertising account executive and, while they were comfortably middle-class, she snorts that, contrary to internet speculation, “they’re not millionaires. There wasn’t any money. It was just a life.” Despite the setting, it would appear that Del Rey’s inner life, at least, was anything but placid. “When I was very young I was sort of floored by the fact that my mother and my father and everyone I knew was going to die one day, and myself too. I had a sort of a philosophical crisis. I couldn’t believe that we were mortal. For some reason that knowledge sort of overshadowed my experience. I was unhappy for some time. I got into a lot of trouble. I used to drink a lot. That was a hard time in my life.”

Lana Del Rey is afraid 2 die... Then 1 day she realized that she was in fact #Born2die...

Anyways, she recovered from her serious teen drinking problems and volunteered in the community.

In her years in New York, working “odd jobs” and “helping out in the community, in alcohol and drug awareness programmes” and playing the singer-songwriter open-mic circuit, Lizzy Grant reinvented herself as Lana Del Rey.

While we have heard that she lived in a trailer for a while, the teen drinking + sobriety angle is a new one. I wonder if she just wants interviewers to ask her about overcoming teen alcoholism instead of being asked, "So... what do u think abt the internet and the things that ppl say abt u on it?'

She is just like U.

At 18, she moved to New York, studied metaphysics at college, and taught herself guitar.

Do u think listening to her leaked album 'Born To Die' is sorta like studying metaphysix?

Lana Del Rey doesn't want to disrepect God, so she cannot comment on internet hatred.

What the gossip-mongers and trolls of the internet haven’t seen is the effect all this cyber bullying is having on the person at its centre. Del Rey has made a record that deserves to be heard, but says she doesn’t want to tour, doesn’t want to leave New York, that she wants “to keep things small. All I wanted to do was make something beautiful, and I think I’ve done that.”
Her nervous appearance on popular US TV show Saturday Night Live last weekend led to more internet abuse. But the thing is, Del Rey is nervous, and with good reason. “I don’t want to talk about how it made me feel because I think it’s disrespectful to God to go to a dark place with this kind of thing. People just want to see me go off the rails. That’s the only reason they’re watching. They just want to see what happens.” Her critics have questioned her authenticity, but Del Rey seems all too human. I ask if she is afraid of what she has unleashed. “Do you think I am?” she ponders, voice trembling, hand dabbing at her eyes. “Well, you might be right. But I wouldn’t tell.”

Did u know that we are all human after yall?

Lana Del Rey wants u 2 know that she knows what u think abt her. She is self-aware, understands what is happening. Srsly though. WHY? Why are yall doing this 2 her?

It gets colder in the room as the interview progresses, as the New York chill penetrates. “I know what people think about me,” says Del Rey, pulling her suede jacket around her shoulders. “I don’t understand it, I don’t see why that’s the angle. And I’m a smart person. I mean, like, why that?”

'Get a new fucking angle, bloggers. I am a person.' -Lana Del Rey

Will Lana Del Rey rebrand herself?
IS it '2 late'?
Will she sell mad albums in Europe?
Can #LDR 'make it'?
R u starting to feel sad 4 her?
Can #LDR save her career?
Did u have a teen drinking problem, and did it eventually help u to become an internet sensation?

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