Real Estate & Girls spotted bronoodling, & 'partying like effing buzzstars' | Hipster Runoff

Real Estate & Girls spotted bronoodling, & 'partying like effing buzzstars'

Photos by Weird Biz dot Magic's Erez Avissar

Real Estate: You guys are awesome!
Girls: No, seriously, you guys are awesome! I love the latest album!
Real Estate: Dude, thanks! Your album is seriously amazing!
Girls: No, I swear, your album is MAJOR!
Real Estate: Well your album is huge!
Girls: I swear ur album is better than my album!
Real Estate: No, seriously beats the shit out of our album! Who produced it?
Girls: We got some guy who lives in a sewer in SanFran. How bout u guys?
Real Estate: Some dude who lives in a trailer in Jersey.

Girls: Dude. We HAVE to collab
Real Estate: That would be SICK
Girls: The blogs would go EFFING CRAZY for that shit
Real Estate: Dude, ur EVERYWHERE
Girls: What u guys got coming up?
Real Estate: Big thangs are poppin for both of us.
Girls: I KNEW u guys were gonna get big! IT was only a matter of time.
Real Estate: I knew YOU GUYS were gonna get big, it was only a matter of time.

Both: Let us celebrate this important moment. Tonight, the world belongs to us. Also, ur latest album was AMAZING!

Does n e 1 know what buzzbands talk abt when they are together?



Girls is a buzzband from the San Francisco Bay area that writes fuzzy buzzy pop songs abt how girls broke their hearts.

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