Zooey Deschanel shows off BANGIN BOD, wears see-thru dress 2 the Golden Globes | Hipster Runoff

Zooey Deschanel shows off BANGIN BOD, wears see-thru dress 2 the Golden Globes

Zooey BB! U look AMAZING on the Red Carpet of the 2012 Golden Globes! This is truly ur year! U released a hit Xmas album, star in a hit show "NEW GAL" on FOX, and u even set urself free from ur emotional BF. I mean, I know it can be hard 2 babysit some1 else's feelings all the time. I am happy that u set urself free.

You have to assume that this year's Golden Globes were an absolute delight without Ben Gibbard. ZoZo looks happy that she doesn't have to have an argument with him about whether or not he is going because he wants to go, but she doesn't want him to go not because she doesn't love him but because he is just super needy, but then she has to invite him, but then he says NO because he wants her to beg for him to go, but then she is like "FINE NEITHER OF US ARE GOING" and he is like, "No, let's both go. Please. I love you." and she is all like "UGH WHATEVER LETS JUST GO UR RUINING MY LIFE." Super stressful.

I swear 2 effing God I can see thru this dress if I use the zoomy tool in Microsoft PhotoPaint! I am not sure if I see a nip or if she bought an expensive pair of full body shanks to make sure that she stayed skin-tone underneath. The truth is that she looks BANGIN and her blue eyes POP out of this dress like a skanky teen's high school year book photo with sexy kitten eyes.

Turn! Look here! Zooey!

That's the MONEY $HOT, bb!

Can u see thru this 'bad boy' Prada dress?
Or is it one of those fake see-thrus?
R u sad Ben isn't there with her?
Does she look BANGIN?
Will she ever release BANGIN BIKINI BOD photos?
Will ZoZo win a Golden Globe 4 something?
Does any1 know what Golden Globes even are 4? Are they like basketball awards or something?

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