Alice Glass strips down to bra in new Crystal Castles video. Is she hotter than Sexi Lexi? | Hipster Runoff

Alice Glass strips down to bra in new Crystal Castles video. Is she hotter than Sexi Lexi?

Link to video:

Alice BB! Ur looking good in the new video for the hit song "Suffocation"!

I love LOVE LOVE the new video directed by Crystal Castles frontman Ethan Kath! U walk around like the indie diva that u r...

Does Alice look good in her bra?
alice glass naked bra nipslip crowdsurf

Every1 is having a HUGE deb8 abt who is hotter: Alexis Krauss (aka Sexi Lexi Krauss), the lead singer of Sleigh Bells, or the original bleep bloop Princess of Darkness, Alice Glass. The resemblance is EERIE, and EVERY1 is trying to figure out who is the original HardXCore indie diva.

Did Alexis Krauss 'rip off' Alice Glass's personal brand?
alexis krauss looks like alice glass

Who is who? I just don't know any more.... It's like every1 is just morphing in2 1 person.

Maybe we should all just get along, and try to celebrate all of the BANGIN bodied BBs in indie...

Vicki LeGrand... Maddie Follin... Alice BB... Alexis BB... Lana Del Rey... the TuneYards broad... etc...

But maybe this is a war to be the most relevant, banging bodied BB in indie. U have to encourage a diva to create her own voice, and stop at nothing 2 be #1.

Who would u rather be with: Alice Glass or Alexis Krauss?
Who is 'more hardcore'? [via more likely 2 share needle drugs with u]
Who is more 'prosumer indie core'?
Should Alice Glass get a Virgin Mary tat sleeve?
Who would u rather spend the rest of ur life with?
Did Sleigh Bells 'rip off' Crystal Castles for being an 'aggressive boy girl duo' with a hyperactive light show?
Do u think Middle American girls find Alexis Krauss 2 be more identifiable bc Alice Glass is 2 hardXcore?
R u on #TeamSleighBells or #TeamCrystalCastles?

Alice Glass

Alternative Celebrity

Alice Glass is the lead singer of Crystal Castles. She is known for her KrAzY onStAgE aNtiCs.

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Alexis Krauss

Alternative Celebrity

Alexis Krauss is the lead singer of Sleigh Bells. She has a Virgin Mary Tattoo.

Lists: tattooed, QTs, bangs
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Crystal Castles


Crystal Castles are an 8 bit bleep bloop band from Canada.

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Ethan Kath

Alternative Celebrity

Ethan Kath is the 'genius' behind Crystal Castles.

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