Real Estate falls on hard times, forced to play buzz show at Chinese Buffet | Hipster Runoff

Real Estate falls on hard times, forced to play buzz show at Chinese Buffet

Photos by Laura June Kirsch

Real Estate is one of the buzzworthiest bands of 2k11/2k12, touring across the country to 'raise their profile', and hopefully earn their way into the leather interiors of NPR-cool dad markets forever, grandfathered into our idea of 'indie that we pay 4' forever. Anyways, they played some show at a Chinese Buffet. I'm not sure if it is because they have 'hit rock bottom', living a life where they are addicted to needle drugs, inhalants, cock fighting and/or human trafficking in the industrial freezers of Chinese buffet restaurants, OR if this is some sort of 'kewl, new DIY scene', and having shows at ethnic restaurants will be 'big in 2k12'.

Do u <3 Real Estate?

Tonight, we were paid in #EggRolls, #SweetNSourChicken, #MongolianBeef, #SteamedRice, and a few 2-day old #sushi_rolls with mystery meat.

"It was actually a really good show. I got tons of premium buffet food."

"Yeah, it wasn't too bad. They even had duck!"

We had to be careful not to take food that we could not consume. We also did not generate buzz that we could not buzz.

"Ugh. All these alternative ppl keep spilling."

Keut alt Beer Girl is actually the CEO of the Buffet, a former Harvard MBA student, trying to save the business by letting buzzbands play shows afterhours.

'For $10, you got a show, and buffet access VIP wristband."

Who cares abt buzzbands when u r lathering your chinese food in duck sauce?

I'll never forget those times we shared at the Super Buffet. I will make sure to review it on Yelp, saying that it is a great venue with amazing acoustics.


Photo by Erez Avissar

That night, we waited in line not just 2 fill our hearts with pure buzz vibes, but to stuff our tummies with Chinese food.

Do u wish u were at this relevant Chinese Buffet show?
Are shows at 'non-venues' going to become the 'next big thing'?
Should I have a show at an Indian buffet [via riding curry waves]?
What kind of food would u want 2 be paid in?
Do these alts look happie at a Chinese buffet?
What's ur fave China buffet food?
Do u <3 riding MSG-buzz-waves?
Is it ur dream to one day see ur fave buzzband with the smell of fried ethnic food and miscellaneous sauces vibing in the background?
Do u take 'atomic shits' the day after eating at a Chinese buffet?