MUST-SEE VIDEO: A drunk, drugged up girl at ULTRA tries to have sex with a tree | Hipster Runoff

MUST-SEE VIDEO: A drunk, drugged up girl at ULTRA tries to have sex with a tree

Music festivals aren't actually a showcase of bands and culture [via music], they are really just places where people are allowed to get 'effed up' beyond imaginable limits. While this might be a health and safety hazard to local communities, it is a WIN-WIN situation for the internet because we are blessed with sweet, beautiful internet content, like this broad trying to have sex with a tree. It seems like it isn't just a sexual relationship with the tree, where she is passionately making out with it. Instead, it is a deep love affair that has its ups and downs.


Girl: I love you.
Tree: I am a tree.
Girl: I am on lots of drugs. I feel everything.
Tree: Just being a tree, u rollin' ass bitch
Girl: I want to feel ur branch cock inside of me
Tree: That'd be chill.
Girl: I want to have an orgasm on #molly
Tree: I'm just vibin
Girl: Plz cum inside of me so I can have ur tree baby
Tree: We'll give it a shot, bb!

This BONUS ANGLE features sweet as BRO commentary. At around the halfway point of this video, she seems to 'get in a fight with the tree', slapping it in anger. Then she decides she loves the tree 2 much 2 let it go.

Do u <3 trees?
Have u ever done tons of drugs, then wanted to make out with a tree?
HAve u ever had sex with a tree?
Do u <3 'effed up' people?
Did u enjoy the circle of onlookers filming this broad?
Do u feel bad 4 her?
Was she 'molly-shamed'?
Is ULTRA / WMC a safety hazard?
Do u <3 viral memes at music festivals?
Remember the drunk guy vs. flip flop bro?

Do u wish more hot broads would have sex with trees?