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Girls frontman Christopher Owens claims HBO tv show "Girls" stole his buzzband's name

This weekend, some new HBO tv show called "Girls" premiered on HBO. I am not sure what it is about, but it is probably one of those 'high end' shows for women that is ultimately as dumb as any other show, but females will be like 'OMG this is TOTALLY REAL and it ACCURATELY DESCRIBES MY LIFE!' I guess it is just like 'Entourage' for people with vaginas and quirky feelings, or something. Anyways, the lead singer of the BUZZBAND Girls (Chrissy BB Owens) has a problem with the TV show being named "Girls."

Owens believes that his band was EFFED OVER, and his band has the cultural rights to the name GIRLS.
He angrily tweeted:

Do you think that TV show even thought twice before using our band's name for their show? I 'll bet they were just like 'fuck it, fuck them'

Here are some more of his tweets on the issue.

I have not gone to law school, so I am unfamiliar with naming rights practices and intellectual property naming buzz laws. Maybe Chris Owens has a point... Could a TV show be named "Vampire Weekend"? Could another TV show be named "The Neon Indians"? Could a movie be named "Washed Out"? Could a tv show be named "Twin Shadow"? Could an Indian Restaurant be named "Nirvana"?

Bands deserve 2 own their band names... but maybe they should do some legal research 2 make sure that no1 steals their names.

Is Chris Owens 'overestimating' his band's place in culture?
Do buzzbands with 'generic names' not own their band names?
Should a group of neon indians sue Neon Indian?
Should real estate brokers 'sue' Real Estate?
Should _________ sue _____________?
HAve u seen the TV show 'Girls'?
Is it 'relevant' or overhyped?
Are both the buzzband and the tv show overhyped?
Do u know if they show graphic nudity [via HBO vibes]?
Is it just 'the female Entourage'?
Should 'actual girls/females/young women' sue Girls (band) and Girls (tv show)?

Christopher Owens

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Christopher Owens is the lead singer of the popular buzzband Girls.

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Girls is a buzzband from the San Francisco Bay area that writes fuzzy buzzy pop songs abt how girls broke their hearts.

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