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Lana Del Rey is out of ideas, rips off "Video Games" video in new video

Remember when Lana Del Rey was property of the indie blogosphere? She made some 'totally vintage looking video' for that blahblah song "Video Games", and she basically gave everyone a thift store boner. Then, with most attractive looking thrift store clothes, she was sold at a markup price under the term 'vintage.'

In this new video for "Carmen", it is clear that Lana Del Rey is sorta 'out of ideas', so she just went back to her bread and butter: shitty looking videos where she looks hot, and there are a bunch of vintage clips + other crappy footage recorded with a vintage camera. There is some little alt twink guy that she is fawning over, and just a bunch of other random ass shots that say nothing except, "Look at me, bitches! I rode this formula to the mountain top and I am rich now!"
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U gotta give her props 4 tricking every1, especially those initial hype blogs that 'thought she was for real.' God Bless Her.

As of today, LDR's "Video Games" has over 13 million views.

Is the video for "Carmen" totally new and original?
Do u <3 LDR?
R u over this aesthetic?
Does LDR have anything left to prove/accomplish?
Can LDR win a Grammy?
Can she win a VMA?
Should she have shown off her bangin bod?

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