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Animal Collective names new album after Human Centipede

I am not sure who is actually 'still into' Animal Collective. Back in 2k9, every1 was creaming their pants about how they pushed art and music to the next level, transcending buzz and serving as the cornerstone for indie criticism. However, every1 might have been wrong, and it might be AnCo's fault for the buzz drought. Now, Animal Collective is back with a new album called Centipede HZ.

U have to wonder if the album is named after the popular, dark film 'Human Centipede,' the story of a kRaZiE doctor who sews some people's mouths 2 their asses, creating a centipede out of humans.

I will never go to Europe because I am convinced I will either end up in a HUMAN CENTIPEDE or in a HOSTEL [via horror movies].

I wonder how inspired AnCo was by Human Centipede, like if they vibed super hard 2 that movie, then were like 'life is like a centipede... hz.'

Here is the tracklist, that has songs about weird stuff. I wonder if they will have a 'My Girls' level anthem, or even a 'Bro Sport.'

01 Moonjock
02 Today's Supernatural
03 Rosie Oh
04 Applesauce
05 Wide Eyed
06 Father Time
07 New Town Burnout
08 Monkey Riches
09 Mercury Man
10 Pulleys
11 Amanita

can AnCo recapture the glory?
Are they 'effed'?
Do u feel 'excited' about this album, or are we living in indie's past?
R u 'over' AnCo?
R u relieved that Deakin is back?

Do they look happie now?
Should Panda Bear 'go solo' or did he flop as a solo artist?
Should AnCo 'officially' become a jam band?
Is Human Centipede 'authentic' or overhyped horror porn?

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