Azealia Banks shows off her BANGIN BOD in SEXI PANTIES | Hipster Runoff

Azealia Banks shows off her BANGIN BOD in SEXI PANTIES

Azealia Banks is 'the next big thing.' Blogs have been forcing her down our throats for a long time now, even though she is on some major label and they keep pushing her album back because they want to make sure she appeals to mainstream audiences in a Nicki Minaj/Rihanna kind of way. It's just the typical gimmick where indie music fans can pretend they were into her authentic rap, but eventually she will be hella mainstream and disgrace any sort of indie cred she pretended to have.

Yawn. Female rap basically peaked in the late 1990s and ever since then has just been about celebrating hot women with ridonk figures, one step above a 'music video girl'.

Anyways, here is Azealia Banks in her panties and rollers, like she is 'getting ready.' Not sure what for. All we can do is stare at her bod and wonder if she is gonna get butt and breast implants like Nikki Minaj, some one who is truly dedicated to her craft as 'eye candy' for black men.

Do u <3 Azealia Banks?
Are her songs 'good'?
Is she a talented rapper MC?
Is she just commodified fake buzz?
Do u h8 when indie blogs try to cover 'up and coming' rap artists?
Do u think M.I.A. hates Azealia Banks?
Does Azealia Banks need to make body modifications to maximize her career as a mainstream rapper?