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Lana Del Rey makes new video about assassinating black Presidents, stars A$AP Rocky

Lana Del Rey is one of the only interesting people to come out of the indie game, which is why she makes 'bat shit insane' videos, and eventually went mainstream because no1 cares about smellie druggies in bands from Brooklyn, and don't mind looking at a premium BB doing her thing, being artsy fartsy, and executing a creative vision with a major label budget.

HAVING SAID THAT, Lana Del Rey is still 'effing insane' in the way she executes basic middle school cliched ideas that could only really ever appeal to dumb ppl. Her video for "National Anthem" is this whole vintage John F. Kennedy + Jackie O tribute piece. She plays into the cliche of singing "Happy Birthday Mr. President" in a Bettie Boop voice at the beginning, then prances around like Then she wears tons of 'Jackie O esque' fashions and does WASPy shit for the whole video, while she begs for adoration in the form of verbal and material reaffirmation.

A$AP Rocky is all like, "Yeah nigga, I be on those white women, gettin my JFK on, swaggin on that creaming Jackie O pussie." They created even halfie children.

A$AP Rocky seems desperate 2 appeal 2 white ass honky people, and white women who have a the swag strand of jungle fever. Not sure if this is good or bad for his status in the hip hop game.

At least we know he is an A$$ MAN, which is consistent with racial stereotypes.

From now on, he should just be referred to as 'video boy' for appearing as a 'dummie hunk' in a music video.

For some reason, there is a LanaDelReyian allusion to the assassination of JFK, which is probably some election year commentary on how "Some1 should assassinate black Presidents." It is is a real shame that she stooped so low. At the same time, she really shoulda had more BRAINS in this video. Every1 knows that JFK's brains ended up all over Jackie O's dress on that dark day in Dallas TX.

Personally, I never got a hard on for Jackie O. Maybe it's because she once had brains on her lap, and I'll never be able to not think about that, even if she was spread eagle. Plus she totally dressed how all those 'try 2 hard' vintage bitches dress now.

Anyways, great video, great song, if you like songs about how much one white woman loves to be penetrated by black men, being rich, having hot interracial sex, creating 'Oreo children', and connects 'the hip hop lifestyle' to the 'honky ass life of luxury.'

Tell me I'm ur natty anthem bb!
How bout u tell me I'm ur swag black husband with a 19 inch python ready to swag in2 u!

Is LDR pro-Mitt Romney?
Does she want to 'do away' with any President of color by any means necessary?
Is she 'the Lee Harvey Oswald' of Indie?
Do u <3 this video?
Is this song 'good'?
Is Lana Del Rey just sticking to her gimmicks?
Should she stick 2 her gimmicks?
Is A$AP Rocky 'swag as fuck'?
Does she want to kill black/colored Presidents and politicians, returning to a world where whites rule everything around us?
Do they have beautiful halfie children?
Was there a 'casting call' asking for 'light skinned and halfie children'?
At the end of the day, does Lana Del Rey look good bb?

Jackie O who? #TeamLDR!

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