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INDIE CONTROVERSY: Best Coast caught lip syncing in Boulder, CO

Whenever a mainstream artist is caught lip syncing, it becomes a worldwide scandal. We're all familiar with Milli Vanilla, Ashlee Simpson, and all of the other tween pop stars who use 'backing tracks' because they have to dance all over the stage. What if I told you that indie stars are starting to lip sync? What if I told you that indie's latest CONTROVERSY happened in Boulder, CO? What if I told you that Best Coast has once again found herself exposed as the indie genre's first lip syncer.

Oh Bethany... Why, bb? Why?

Here is an email that we just received from a fan at the show:


I wanted to tell you about the time I saw Best Coast in May. I went to the Fox Theatre in Boulder, CO one night a few months back to see Jeff the Brotherhood play with Best Coast. I came early, stoked on Jeff the B, but figured I'd stick around to watch Bethany cry on the mic about snacks/wavvyboi/etc. Anyway, she started her first song, "The Only Place" and half way through the song, I kid you not, a loop of her chorus came on over Bethany singing. The song slowly came crashing to a halt all the while Bethany saying, "This is some Ashley Simpson type shit". At this point the song had stopped completely. She then told the band to start over, right before she addressed the crowd saying, "Hi, we're Best Coast...sorry, I lip-sync!" The song was then started over without any problems, and the show continued without any acknowledgement of the incident, but I stood there in shock.

Bethany Cosentino had obviously just been caught lip-syncing in front of a pretty packed house. The worst thing about it was the crowd was so effing lamestream that nobody really seemed to care. (I was literally standing behind 4 frat boys who just said, "Love you Beth!" and "Play Boyfriend!" I was amazed that I had just seen this fuck-up happen in front of my eyes. I wanted to do the "carles" thing and write a smear post about Best Coast on my radio station's website, but since I'm incredibly unmotivated, it just never materialized.

Since the incident, I thought that some other person might have seen what I saw that night and posted about it. Hopefully somebody out there would have ruined her reputation by now, but nothing has been published. I've been a reader of your blog for a while now and figured this story was one worthy for your eyes. I don't expect a post about this on HRO, but I wanted to tell you personally that Best Coast is a shitty band and Bethany Cosentino is a lying lip-syncer. If you believe your readers should know, please tell them my story.

Peace, love and grimes,

Indie doesn't have very high standards. We'll watch bands pretend to play instruments. We'll humor various lead singers who can't actually sing. We'll pretend that a new album is good just because the band's previous album was good. We'll do just about anything dumb and claim it is 'art.' But is Bethany Cosentino's latest exploit enough to get her excommunicated from indie?

Unfortunately, there are no videos of that specific song on youtube, but there are a few others uploaded.

It's certainly not a crime to use a backing track, but has Best Coast finally broken all indie trust?
Do u think it was the AZN's idea?
R u disappointed?
Is this what u expect from BestyCoasty?
Will ppl start going to Best Coast shows 2 'bust her' for lip syncing?
Is this a sad day 4 former fuzzy buzzy bands 'trying too hard' to clean up their sound and losing everything likable abt their band?

If you have any information abt this show, or any indie artists 'lip syncing' feel free 2 comment, or contact Carles.

Best Coast


Best Coast is a fuzzy buzzy band that sings abt dank, California, boys, and kitty cats

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