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Some guy from some band named Surfer Blood is a wifebeater [DOMESTIC ABUSE SCANDAL]


I have no idea who the eff Surfer Blood is. They sound like some band that would be towards the bottom of a music festival flyer. Anyways, their lead singer John Paul Pitts was 'put in the goddamn slammer' for domestic abuse. From this point forward, Surfer Blood will be whispered about as 'that band with the wife beater.' Usually, this type of report for a fringe buzzband would be swept under the rug, but no, some1 had to go and blog abt it, ruining the 'scene kewlness' of the band, and more importantly, John Paul Pitts. Some days you dream about a blog blogging abt ur new music video, other days, ur nightmare is a blog blogging abt ur domestic abuse trial.

Anyways, no idea why P4k is even reporting this. I guess they are 'done' with Surfer Blood. Just good for a solid domestic abuse headline so that we can vibe on some dark police reports. You have to think that if this was Grizzly Bear/The xx/Vampire Weekend, they wouldn't run this. Guess they are just trying to ruin Surfer Blood bro's life so all of indie knows that he is a 'goddamn wife beater.'

The victim stated on today's date, Pitts and herself returned from an evening out. An argument pursued because she called a friend, stating she might need a place to stay. Pitts went into the bathroom and stated he was going to harm himself. When she knocked on the door, Pitts came out, they went into the bedroom, and the arguing continued. The victim stated Pitts grabbed her and flipped her over her shoulder, he then pinned her down by climbing on top of her. The defendant then proceeded to shove his fingers inside of her mouth. In return, she attempted to bite him and he pushed his fingers away. He continued to press his weight against her so she bit him on his chest. The victim stated this has occurred before. She told Pitts on numerous occasions she was going to call the police, but he just laughed. Advised she is not trying to ruin his life.

Seems like an unchill bro. At HIPSTER RUNOFF, we do not support the abuse of women or men. Every relaish should just be a vibey hang. No1 should have 2 bite 1 another... unless it is some sort of 'steamy sex act.'

Pitts' arresting officer "observed abrasions and bruises on the victim's left and right arm" as well as a bruise above her right eye. "The victim was visibly shaking and crying," according to the report. The report continued:
Pitts advised he did not harm his girlfriend. She always threatens to call the police on him. He was present with scratches and bruises to his chest. A bite mark was observed on the middle portion of his chest.

Sigh... Don't let ur dark nights go 2 far, yall...

HEre is some Surfer Blood song I listened 2 for the first time, shaking my head, bc I can't help but think that all of their songs are about physical and emotional abuse now.

Was it 'mean' of P4k to get awwwlll up in this bro's personal life?
Is Surfer Blood 'ruined'?
Are blogs 'shaming' Surfer Blood?
Will there be more domestic abuse marketing buzz in the future?
Is domestic abuse the new 'coming out' buzz strategy [via Frank Ocean]?
Will u ever be able 2 listen to Surfer Blood again without thinking of 'beating wives'?
Whenever Surfer Blood plays a show/music fest, will every1 be like 'he beats women', or will it be more like a chill Ike Turner style arrangement where every1 knows, but no1 cares?
Is this the last time n e 1 will are abt Surfer Blood?