Lana Del Rey is fondled by a series of old, gross men in her new video. #GROSS | Hipster Runoff

Lana Del Rey is fondled by a series of old, gross men in her new video. #GROSS

Lana Del Rey's new 10 minute video is for the anthemic song "Ride", a tribute to the spirit of America... which according to Lana Del Rey is getting slammed in a series of seedy bars and motel rooms by old, gross men who see her as nothing more than a slam pig. The song is beautiful, but in a way, maybe it is because it is giving old, disgusting, white, gross whore-buying men hope that even when they are old, they can find a young, troubled girl to 'give it 2' without any restraints or limitations.

You have to give Lana Del Rey props for executing a magnificent artistic vision... even if that vision is only about getting fondled by a series of old, gross men.

She lives by the motto 'Ride'. And ride she does... (a series of gross old men).

She is a lost soul, nomadic, searching for love and feelings anywhere... even if those love and feelings enter her while she is bent over a pinball machine by a man who hasn't bathed in ~6 days.

She understands the creative Willy Lomans of the world, giving us hope that one day, we will find happiness.

I'll never forget the first time an older man had his way with me in a motel room.

Ride. Just Ride.

Ew! Gross! Get Ryan Gosling in here or something! I feel like I have to take a bath after watching this video, like the sweat, grime and semen of old, gross biker dudes is all over me and inside of me. Gross! Take that American flag off, Lana BB! Grosssss. Ughhh.

Has Lana created a new American masterpiece?
R u grossed out?
Do u want to take a bath?
R u tired of her aesthetics?
Does she still sing like Betty Boop?
Is LDR 'better than Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Rihanna'?
R u going to morph into a gross, fat biker dude so that you can make LDR fall in love with u?
Did LDR just take a 'huge shit' all over the spirit of America?

Lana Del Rey

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Lana Del Rey is a hot female indie singer. She is 'mad controversial.'

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