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The Pashy Pits play the Taco Bell Doritos Locos Theme Song on SNL

Pashy Pits came around during the bleepbloop freakfolk era, but then they appealed to more tweens and entry-level alts, so they are probably one of the most lucrative indie bands of the past several years. U gotta give them props, because not every indie band could write the jingle for the Taco Bell Doritos Locos Tacos. Most other 'indie bands' would worry about authenticity, and how they are perceived by their fans, but I guess Pashy Pit fans just love getting their Taco Loco on. Eating a premium Taco Bell taco with

It is a HUGE deal for an indie band to play SNL. But it is an even BIGGER deal for Taco Bell to get their dorito taco theme song on SNL. Doritos Tacos Locos have FINALLY crossed over 2 the mainstream!

Do u <3 Tacos Locos?
Do u ever TAKE A WALK to eat a TACO LOCO?
Do u ever miss Pashy Pits before they were Pashy Pit LLC?
Do u vibe to the 'instagram-wave aesthetic' of this commercial?

Did they kill it on SNL?
Do u <3 Pashy Pit?
Did they 'beat' AnCo?
Did they 'beat' chillwave?
Did they 'beat' indie?
Did they do a GREAT rendition of 'The Doritos Tacos Locos Theme song' on SNL?
R u hungry?

Do u evr just want to chill with these bros, eat some tacos locos and vlog?

is fast food for 'loser degenerates'?

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