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The 9 Best Cyber Monday Deals on the Web Internet #CyberMonday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are a time for doing some shopping so that you can have more things and feel like you are 'rich' and run yourself into credit card debt because you think you will pay it off but it will just keep adding up and you will never retire because you have no self-control and just have to buy shit all the time and you rationalize it by saying 'it was a real good deal' even though it was a rip off.

Here is our Editor's Choice Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals for 2012, 2013, and 2014.

1. USED Nintendo Power Pad from your attic - $0

2. Shitty old printer that doesn't work, (black ink only) - $5, some garage sale

3. #RetroSeapunk iBook -

4. Windows 95 Video Tutorial hosted by castmembers from Friends - $19.95 at

5. Subscription to CD/month club - $128/year

6. Box of Cords - $20

7. VHS/DVD player combo - FREE (stolen from ur grandparent's house)

8. HACKERS - full movie - FREE on

9. 1000 free hours of AOL Platinum - FREE

10. Bud Light Platinum (6 pack - $6.99) via

11. A Groupon for some bullshit - [via ur inbox]

Please post and recommend SWEET DEALS in the comments section.

How was ur #BlackFriday/#CyberMonday?
Did u see any poor ppl desperately searching 4 #deals?
Where can you find the best, low cost deals on technology, appliances, consumer goods, and Christmas Gift ideas?