Avril Lavigne's Sum41 ex husband dresses as #Chavril 4 Halloween | Hipster Runoff

Avril Lavigne's Sum41 ex husband dresses as #Chavril 4 Halloween

We once thought that Avril Lavigne and 'the guy from Sum 41' was the altest couple in the world. Then they got divorced, and Avril Lavigne got married to thet Nickelback bro "Chad Kroeger." Probably because he has way more money and wanted to slam that tight lil Hot Topic Avril bod. Then every1 forgot Sum41 existed, but Nickelback will exist forever because their shitty music truly transcends society, and is listened 2 by more than just Alt Teens who shop at Zumies.

Anyways, I didn't even bother googling 'the guy from Sum 41's name' because he is beyond irrelevant. He might as well be 'the guy from New Found Glory' or 'the guy from [failed era of pop_punk_post_emo].' He decided to try to 'get back in the headlines' by dissing his ex. I guess that's a chill/resentful move, but u gotta feel bad for him. Probably had to get a job at Zumies or something.

Here is a sum41 video to relive the prime of the Warped Tour era, back b4 it was just depressing, lost alt-teens whose only big break in life could possibly be 'appearing on Teen Mom.'

Anyways, just wrote this post 2 be like "Remember that Sum 41 bro?"
"Was he alt?"
"Is he chill?"
Do u think he is sad that Avril married a bro of a bro?
R u on #TeamChavril or #TeamGuyFromSum41?
Would u bang Sum41 bro dressed as Avril?