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Best Coast hits rock bottom, is in a Windows commercial

Every1 knows that everything that Microsoft does is lame, uncool, and lamestream. Windows Phones, Windows Computers, Windows browsers, Bings, Zunes, etc, etc. It's all a big pile of crap for the poors who can't afford 'cool ass' iPhone5s and Samsung Galaxy S-III's. Who better to cobrand with than Best Coast, one of the biggest 'sham bands' in all of the Genre Formerly Known as Indie who is basically less of a 'band'/'artist' now, and more of a blatant money grab. That's fine, though, because I guess it is the real point of a band. Make money, and trick mindless masses into thinking u r 'kewl' or something.

Anyways, watch this commercial with the song "The Only Place", which we thought was just another one of her crappy "California R00LZ" songs, but actually turned out to be a strategically written commercial jingle. Doesn't matter if u think she is 'crappy' and inauthentic, Bethany and the AZN bro are netting MAD AD DOLLARS for this shit. Buying cars and property while ur just making fun of people on the internet.

But at the end of the day, she aligned her brand with the same company that made the Zune. I guess that is supposed to represent 'where she thinks her music belongs' or something. At least we got 2 see these 2 completely 'insane' Youtube comments.

We have fun
We have fun
Yes we always
Use Windows.

Do u want 2 throw up?
How #SWAG is this video?
Has indie 'finally gone mnstrm'?
Is Best Coast ur secret?
Is [buzzband] ur secret?

Best Coast


Best Coast is a fuzzy buzzy band that sings abt dank, California, boys, and kitty cats

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