The new GIRLS Season 2 trailer looks hella boring. Ppl only watch 2 #FatNakedShame Lena Dunham | Hipster Runoff

The new GIRLS Season 2 trailer looks hella boring. Ppl only watch 2 #FatNakedShame Lena Dunham

Every1 knows that the whole 'online hipster culture' is pretty effing dead and played out. #MillenialProblems are becoming middle aged now that the tweens are becoming self-aware, so I'm not sure why every1 pretends that GIRLS is a great/funnie/innovative tv show. It's on the same level as a failed late-night MTV teen sex drama, except it is on HBO so people watch it to jerk off 2.

Is Lena Dunham an 'effing genius' or is she basically like the star of a 'scripted docu-drama' like 'The Hills'/Laguna Beach?

Here's the Season 2 trailer, and it looks about as tired as 'The Hipster Olympics' vintage meme.

That's the thing about female creators. They aren't really 'that talented', they just bitch abt having a period and wondering why so many guys use them as cum receptacles as if there is some 'sense' 2 make of it. They eat, cry, laugh, love, pray, dance, and do other shit that seems 'euphoric', but it is all just a temporary distraction from the eternal sadness inside of all women. The idea of being a 'GIRL' just means that u haven't given up ur will 2 live just yet.

Props 2 Lena Dunham for 'exploiting her tribe' of 'empowered women.' I'm more of a Dr. Laura guy myself bc at least she h8s stupid women and isn't pretending to be part of the 'creative class.'

Do ppl only like Lena Dunham bc they 'fat shame' her naked body?

Is this show 'mad overrated'?
Is GIRLS a band or a tv show?
R u hornie 4 Lena Dunham?
Is GIRLS like reading a shitty Thought Catalog post, except in 'tv show format'?
Are ppl who like GIRLS kinda like the ppl who share a shitty Thought Catalog post on Facebook as if it is 'meaningful' and 'pertinent' 2 their own lives, like it CoMpLeTeLy UnDeRsTaNdS them?
Should GIRLS be cancelled and Entourage brought back eternally?

Would u 'hit dat' doggie style?