PHOTO: Grimes wears fur because she hates animals and wants them to die | Hipster Runoff

PHOTO: Grimes wears fur because she hates animals and wants them to die

Grimes is the 'alt looking it-girl of the year', which means that she is paid appearance fees to go to places, they take a picture of her, she gets free shit, and blogs are forced to 'write about a celeb being at [branded] event.' I miss the days when she was some sort of crusty creature. However, it seems as if she has turned on the CREATURES of the forest/jungle/woods, because now she is wearing fur. If I had to guess, I would say that this is a rare breed of buffalo, or some exotic lion that is on the endangered species list.

All bc Grimes just wanted to pick up some #free_Vercase_SwAg! I can't believe an animal had 2 die just so she could wear it and this blog could get written. Poor animal. I feel bad 4 it.

Did u have fun at this high end fashion event? [via MisShapes instagrammy]

At @versace @versace_official soho store opening last night w/ @grimezsz

Sigh... I can't believe Grimes h8s animals and wants to kill them all and eat their flesh and wear them and hang their heads in her house and do other wasteful, hurtful things like intentional oil spills and killing endangered species. I never would have thought Grimes would turn into this monster.

Do u evr miss the peak days of the MisShapes?
Should Grimes be locked away like an animal?

Is fur bad?
Is fur 'chill'?
Do we have to kill animalz 2 eat/wear them?
Should we all go #vegan?
Did Grimes kill an animal just for the sake of fashion?
Has Grimes turned 'too corporate'?
R u going 2 protest at Grimes' next show?
Do u miss the days when Grimes was an alt slob in an appealing way?

Has she 'cleaned up' too much/lost her identity?


Alternative Celebrity, Buzzband

Grimes is Claire Boucher, a Canadian bleep bloop singer music project.

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