I am depressed that there will be no holograms at Coachella 2013. | Hipster Runoff

I am depressed that there will be no holograms at Coachella 2013.

I remember last year
Every1 was buzzing abt 2pac still being alive
[via hologram]
[via the Coachella]

Now I see the 2k13 lineup
Sure, there's plenty of relevant buzzbands
playing live tunes in the picturesque city of Indio, CA

But unfortunately
There will be no 3d holograms

There will be no dead ppl
No1 will be brought back 2 life.
There will be no resurrections
Easter is on March 31, so I guess Jesus will be the only BROUGHT BACK 2 LIFE bro
vibing back 2 life again this year

That's the only reason I go 2 concerts n e ways
2 be part of an #EXCLUSIVE experience
That I can non-humble brag abt on @Twitter
I was hoping for some John Lennon
Notorious BIG
Kurt Cobain Hologram

Now I have 2 settle for 'IRL Ben Gibbard'
'IRL Ezra Koenig'
'IRL The Lumineers.'

I was hoping the annual Coachella Hologram would revolutionize the live music industry
Ending the days of 'seeing real bands in realtime'
but instead seeing chill ass holograms

R u 'pumped' 4 Coachella?
Does it feature all of the noteworthy indie buzzbands of 2k12-k13?
R u happie the Postal Service finally reunited?
Should Ben Gibbard have stayed in the Postal Service the whole time?
R u going 2 Coachella?
R u going 2 weekend 3?

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