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Backlash Thinkpiece to Today's Hot Trend

So many people are going out of their way to praise today's trend. Every one is so fascinated, from Middle Americans to tweens to even the high-level internet. I say, "Why?" Perhaps this trend has become out of control, clouding the way we usually think. Today's trend has run wild, and even the persons who I once thought were self-aware have malformed opinions concerning today's trend.

In a way, many of their points are valid, but at the same time, they are all so wrong. If anything, as a people, we must backlash against this popular trend in order to protect the sanctity of tomorrow. However, the backlash must be real.

I wrote this piece in order to make us think.

It appears as though as a society, we have reached a point where trends are everything, especially today's trend. I think that we should step back and ask ourselves what we are really consuming, because our inherent consumer culture of 1-click shopping has brought us to a point where instant satisfaction is necessary at all times. Mixed with a smorgasbord of social media culture, it is clear that our society overreacts to 'now.'

I ask, "What about the past?"
I ask, "What about the future?"
I scream, "Why is NOW so important?"

Today's trend has just reached a point where people are not even consuming it for the right reasons. Art. Progressiveness. Cultural innovation. Today's trend is hollow, evil, and must be seen thru. If we as a people don't stop today's trend, it is clear that things will not go well for us.

In a way, the way that today's trend leveraged social media to exploit the feeling of fear-of-missing-out was exploitative, creating a vacuous space of cultural emptiness. Sharing, liking, retweeting might be the only way that today's trend even resonates with every one.

When I was a child, there only used to be tv, print, and magazines. That is not the case now.

Take a step back and really think about the impact of today's trend on tomorrow. Maybe that's the sad thing about all of the success of today's trend. It's not good for the future generations, and I believe that if I am at the helm of cultural criticism, I will make that future a better place.

When tomorrow's trend comes along, we will all feel silly about today's trend. Don't say I didn't warn you.