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Indie band caught in mild controversy after mildly controversial action

Yesterday, the indie band released a new song and accompanying video. But that may have come at a cost as they lead up to their forthcoming album on April 12th. In the new video, they used images which might not have been theirs, which were partially stolen, but also potentially an homage to a previous director/film aesthetic.

Additionally, at a recent live show, they made comments and had images that were also mildly controversial. People were upset, and some local internet sites wrote things about it. Some bloggers even wrote more words about it after that.

The band's frontman released the statement:

In no way did we mean to hurt, harm or offend these parties. As artists, we were attempting to create art and highlight a new aspect of things. We apologize to those offended, but we also didn't mean to start this controversy intentionally for marketing purposes.

Last year, the band caught themselves in mild controversy due to something else mildly controversial that offended a group of minorities and/or women. After participating in pro-LGBT and pro-Cesar Chavez events, things have blown over for the band, which has gone on to play Jimmy Fallon later this week and Jimmy Kimmel later in the month. The band will also release another mp3 later this week on Youtube.

What do you think of this controversy?

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