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Indie band releases new thing, continues album cycle

It has just been released today that an indie band has released a new mp3/video that completely changes the game. Once again, they have done it again, completely disrupting what it is we think about the way bands should be now that we have entered the digital era. Their video is destined to go viral, with many zany images that exploit some sort of cultural interest. In a way, the product is diminished, but it is certain that they will reach new markets.

The song features crescendoing guitars, dueling for space within the sound of tomorrow. The synth bleepbloops reach a sonic tone that reaches marvelous perfect pitches, ultimately changing the paradigm of what we all once knew. The vocals of crooner lothario frontman Isaac Macklemores take the song to a new level, strategically harmonizing with backwoman Chung Li at the chorus, which envelopes the bridge. There is much to come from this band, which has released an EP, but also the sound hints at changes in their forthcoming LP, which drops on April 12th.

The indie rock band will play on the Jimmy Fallons and Conans #TeamCoco Show later this month.

Tour Dates below

3/1 Ohio City, Ohio
3/2 Chicago, IL
3/3 Evanston, IL
3/5 Muncie, Indiana
3/6 Muncie, Indiana
3/7 MuncieFest Muncie, Indiana
3/8 Cleveland Ohio - LeBron James Center
3/9 Austin, TX SXSW
3/10 Austin, TX SXSW
3/11 Austin, TX SXSW
3/12 Austin, TX SXSW
3/13 Austin, TX SXSW
3/14 Austin, TX SXSW
3/15 Austin, TX SXSW
3/16 Austin, TX SXSW
3/17 Austin, TX SXSW
3/18 Austin, TX SXSW
3/19 Austin, TX SXSW
3/20 Singapore
3/22 Laos
3/23 Vietnam
3/24 Hong Kong
3/25 China
3/27 Tibet
3/28 DollyLLama Festival, Tibet
4/1 Austin, TX SXSW
4/2 Austin, TX SXSW
4/3 Coachella Indio, CA
4/5 Las Vegas, NV // Circus Circus Casino
4/7 New York, Terminal 5
4/8 Los Angeles, CA, The Echoplex
4/9 Austin, TX SXSW Stubb's BBQ Official Showcase (The Intel Inside Teepee)