MUST-WATCH VIDEO: Black Buzz Rapper gets into brawl with white fans at #SXSW show. Has SXSW lost control? | Hipster Runoff

MUST-WATCH VIDEO: Black Buzz Rapper gets into brawl with white fans at #SXSW show. Has SXSW lost control?

I can't really tell the difference between most buzz rappers because they are just ultra-thuggy sounded music that is respected/covered by 'indie blogs' before they eventually go mainstream where they belong. I'm not gonna let any1 pull a Lana Del Rey on me ever again, even if it is a hardcore African American thug-wave rapper. But there has apparently been some new one named A$AP Rocky that every1 'seyz is cool', and he was at SXSW getting 'covered' by bloggers and journalists who think they are 'relevant' because they get 2 drink a free cocktail and talk with other deluded loser 'writers' who think they are influential tastemakers, too.

Anyways, a great/dark moment in crowd vs. artist history happened last night when A$AP Rocky and his crew of 'tons of scary looking black people' on stage went into the crowd and 'beat the shit' out of some ppl/started a 'brawl.' Unfortunately, no1 was murdered, or else this could have been a mega-meme that led to the 'end of SXSW as we know it' because so many events can't be expected to control so many crowds. The fight took place at 3:30 am when ppl are really drunk and tired, and something is bound to go wrong, whether it is a venue fire, brawl, shooting, or other tragic incident. SXSW apparently 'makes too much money' + builds Austin's brand 2 much 4 them to shut it down, but if a white person had died/been severely beaten by this rap crew, the entire SXSW game could have been changed forever.

"This fight was brought 2 u by Dynex, the maker of shitty HDTVs for poor ppl."

The video is 'effing priceless', because it seems like the 'rap crew' is trying to be pretty chill as they try to get a 'green doo rag' back. Then ppl are throwing free beer at them. Then they are like 'the next nigga who does that is gonna get yoinked.' Then some other chill bro throws a can of beer, and the rap crew jumps into the crowd in a moment that mirrored Ron Artest and Stephen Jackson's foray into stands during a Pistons vs. Pacers NBA game in Detroit.

U have to wonder if this will be 'good' 4 their image, or if it will make white people and those 'swaggy tweens' who like Odd Future 2 not feel safe at ASAP Rocky shows.

Not sure if fighting with fans is #SWAG.

Should we go 2 an A$AP Rocky concert and throw stuff at him?
What does ASAP ROCKY even sound like?
Has he stolen the buzz of Odd Future with this non-music related meme?
Do u have any rotten tomatoes?
Why does the indiesphere care abt rappers? Is it an equal opportunity thing?
Does this make u scared of going to see rappers?
Do u think a white indie fan would go into the crowd and 'kick ur ass' or just stop playing and get every1 mad at the beer can thrower?
Why is A$AP Rocky buzzworthy/relevant?
Does n e 1 care abt him, or just the fact that he is a 'real nigga' who does 'thug shit' and doesn't care abt tastemaking SXSW audiences?
Should SXSW be shut down/scaled back in order to prevent musician vs. fan violence in the wee hours of the morning?
Has SXSW lost control?
Was this fight staged/strategically created by the VICE marketing department, sponsored by Dell?
Is it time to shut down SXSW?
R u scared of race wars?

A$AP Rocky

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A$AP Rocky is a buzz rapper who the indiesphere 'endorses' that got into a fight and 'won' #SXSW.

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