Indie cat lady Best Coast announces clothing line "Bethany Cosentino for Urban Outfitters." | Hipster Runoff

Indie cat lady Best Coast announces clothing line "Bethany Cosentino for Urban Outfitters."

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Bethany Cosentino is desperate for mainstream fame. Best Coast is doing her best to try to become 'the next Zooey Deschanel', even though she still has a trashy C-list alt celeb BF in WAVVES. Her next album is going to be all about converting mainstream tweens to her fem-wave alt rock crappy grunge sound, appealing to the Hello Giggles and Rookie Mag markets. Not sure if the album is going to be 'huge' or 'completely tank,' but it seems clear that indie critics are getting ready to 'pan' it, and larger content farms will be ready to blindly 'hype' her just to get a few hits, in case she does something controversial.

Anyways, she tweeted that she has a new clothing line for Urban Outfitters called "Bethany Cosentino", which makes sense because she usually looks like she threw on some over-priced thrift store garbage outfit. I guess that's what fuzzy buzzy tweens want to look like. I have no idea if this picture is even 'real', or if it is just some random ass broad in a Bethany Cosentino outfit.

Do u think her clothes come pre-coated with cat hair and day-old dank smell?

There's something refreshing about Bethany's personality on Twitter to lamestreamers, because she always takes on the 'OMG! This is crazy! Such big thangs poppin for Lil Ole Me! I'm livin my dream!' Bethany Cosentino is already rumored to drive a high priced Mercedes.

Only time will tell if Best Coast will be able to 'go mainstream', but more importantly, is the AZN BRO in her band getting a cut of fashion sales, or is she trying to monetize without him?

Do u <3 or h8 Best Coast?
R u gonna buy her clothes?
R u excited 2 see lamestream wannabe alt suburban tweens dressing like ur favorite indie cat lady?
Is Bethany Cosentino a 'fashion icon' or a 'fashion wannabe'?
Do u shop at Urby, or do their clothes always end up falling apart?
Is Bethany Cosentino 'a mainstreamer' who gets covered by indie blogs?
Can she build enough 'backlash' to 'go LDR', or will no1 even care abt her?

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Best Coast is a fuzzy buzzy band that sings abt dank, California, boys, and kitty cats

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