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Coachella releases 2013 Hologram Lineup

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After this year's memorable performance by Tupac [via hologram], it seems clear that the future of the music festival industry is not actually in 'live performances', but in hologram-based performances. There is a RUMORED 2013 Coachella Lineup flyer going around, and it features the RESURRECTION of many deceased artists. It seems that Coachella organizers have identified that concert attending consumers are no longer into seeing 'real life people' perform, and instead will enjoy watching 3D hologram effects of dead artists who they have never seen before.

Let's be honest, at this point, every band has basically 'reunited' to play Coachella, so the only way to reunite more bands is to bring people back to life. I am in support of #DeadPPLchella, even though many people claim that hologramming is sorcery and witchcraft.

Notable performers on the bill are currently Michael Jackson, The Doors, Nirvana, INXS, Queen, Aaliyah, Notorious BIG, Drowning Pool, The Clash, Mozart, Marvin Gaye, The Beatles, Selena, TLC, Jeff Buckley, and a KILLER hologram acoustic set by Elliott Smith.

No information on sale date or wristband mailing date yet, but it is clear that his might be the most relevant Coachella of all time.

R u going to Hologram Dead PPL Coachella 2k13?
Who do u want them to bring back 2 life?
Are u 'over' watching real people perform?
Should all bands have a hologram presence in their set?
Does every live show 'suck' now unless there is a hologram?
Do u wish u could bring some1 back 2 life [via hologram]?
Do u think ghosts will be mad about their holograms?
Are you going to Coachella 2013?


Was 2Pac's Coachella hologram the greatest festival meme of all time or just plain sorcery?



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