Grimes spotted making out with some bro. Is this man Grimes' boyfriend? | Hipster Runoff

Grimes spotted making out with some bro. Is this man Grimes' boyfriend?

grimes boyfriend dating pictureplane make out
Grimes is the hottest BB in the indie scene right now. EVERY one wants to know EVERYTHING about her, from how many times she showers per week, to whether or not she was linked to a school shooting in Ohio. Now it seems like

The man in the photos is rumored to be the buzz human Pictureplane, also known as Travis Egedy, a producer buzzband guy from Colorado.

Here is footage of Grimes and Pictureplane performing at Festival NRML in Mexico, where the MAKEOUT picture is rumored to have been taken.

At a recent show at Glasslands in Brooklyn, Grimes was spotted wearing a Pictureplane t-shirt.

Photo by Laura June Kirsch

grimes claire boucher dating boyfriend pictureplane

Here is an interview with Pictureplane with a random ass broad in Moscow.

He looks sorta like a hottie hunk... I hope him and Grimey can be happie 2gether 4evr.

Photo by Eric Groom

Is Pictureplane 'the male Grimes'?

Do Pictureplane and Grimes come from the same crusty bleep bloop home?

R u already familiar with Pictureplane?
Is he 'good enough' 4 Grimes?
Do u think they understand 1 another like no1 else can?
Will this be good for Pictureplane's career, riding Grimes' buzz coattails to create a genre 2gether?
Should they 'collab' on a track?
Can they become the new Best Coast and WAVVES?
Are they the #1 electrocrust couple in the entire indie game right now?
R u sad that Claire Boucher is potentially 'taken'? :-(
R u gonna start a 1-man ravewave buzzband to win over the heart of Claire Boucher?


Alternative Celebrity, Buzzband

Grimes is Claire Boucher, a Canadian bleep bloop singer music project.

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Alternative Celebrity, Buzzband

Pictureplane is a bleepbloop producer from Denver, CO. He is rumored to be dating Grimes.

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