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Grimes releases dumb trailer for KrAziE looking new music video

Indie musicians are so self-obsessed and desperate for PR that they release 'video trailers', as if any1 cares about seeing a 'teaser'/'taste' of a dumb, lo-budget video. Of course, Grimes loves the attn, and is the master of being judged more on her visual aesthetic, which is a great strategy because her music doesn't really 'hold up' unless you are actually watching her. She's just an interesting looking ass bitch, and u gotta give her parents props for passing on those genes.

In this 'video trailer' for 'Genesis' by Grimes, you can see that she is walking around a desert while alt people drive around in a Cadillac Escalade and shine their headlights on her. Grimes does her Grimesy dances where she flails around her arms and gets attention. That's basically what she does on stage to distract people from the fact that she's not even playing anything. I'm sure this video will be played in 'video-based DJ sets' in tacky clubs everywhere b4 we know it.

Would u run over Grimes if u were driving a Caddy Escalade?

Thanks again, dad.

Did this teaser 'tease' effectively?
Does Grimes look 'hot'?
Is she a legit musician, or more of a visual artist with marginal bleep bloops?
Do u evr dream abt cuddling with Grimes?
Do u think u could handle her slender body?
Do u think she makes good 'pillow talk'?
If u drove a Cadillac Escalade, would u run her ovr?
Are Cadillac Escalades for 'new money ass posers'?


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Grimes is Claire Boucher, a Canadian bleep bloop singer music project.

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