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The hot BB in M83 shows off her BANGIN BOD at Coachella

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M83 is the project of a French guy with the same name as a Mexican from your high school who routinely got In School Suspension (Anthony Gonzalez). However, he isn't the only person in the touring band. It features the live energy of a KEUT BB named Morgan Kibby. She was THE TALK of Coachella, with her risque dress. Her curves our POURING out of her dress, and it was hard to look away from the jumbotrons when you could miss a glance at Morgan Kibby's BANGIN bod.

Do u feel urself vibing 2 her vibe?

Does every band need at least 1 girl who is keut/has a BANGIN BOD?

In addition, M83 also brought out this weird looking thing. Not sure if they do that at every show, or if it is some sort of hazing/prank that they force some one in their crew to do.

Not a very chill vibe, but I guess French people get away with that type of weird shit on the reg.

Do u <3 the M83 bb?
Should she go solo and form a bleepy bloop emotional band?
Do u vibe 2 her BANGIN BOD?
Do u think it is 'effed' that AnthGonzo had Zola Jesus sing on 'Intro' when he had a girl of his own to utilize?

XX BONUS M83 playing Coachella in 2005, before they pandered to mainstream audiences XX

Did M83 make all the right branding moves, or are they 'less authentic' [via their last 2 album cycles]?

Morgan Kibby

Morgan Kibby is the 'backup' synth player and singer in M83

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M83 is a French is a post-shoegaze, pre-dreamwave buzzband.

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