New York Times profiles seapunk genre. Has #seapunk arrived or is it just a dumb Tumblr hashtag? | Hipster Runoff

New York Times profiles seapunk genre. Has #seapunk arrived or is it just a dumb Tumblr hashtag?

seapunk guy Zombelle
I am not sure if seapunk is a genre of music, a web trend, a cultural trend, or just some #hashtag that Tumblr tweens use to describe a new aesthetic of the way ppl look when they are trying 2 hard 2 be/look alt. The New York Times 'blogged' about some seapunk show by a seapunk buzzband named Zombelle, covering it like it is a relevant enough trend to try to get 'the SEO jump' on. Seapunk apparently sounds like techno bleep bloop speed glitch hip hop 90s r & b chillwave indie pop core intelligent techno house with allusions to _________. I think seapunk's gimmick is just all about being able to say that it is influenced by 'everything' [on the internet], thereby making it coverable on the internet.

Here's what seapunk buzzband Zombelle sounds like in case u wanted 2 know what seapunk was all abt

This might be seapunk's 'great moment' where it has finally demanded the attention of blogs that link to NYTimes articles as if it actually means something, and the NYTimes is different than Buzzfeed/Know Your Meme/Gawker/some other meme content farm.

“SHOUT out to Tumblr,” said Zombelle, a blue-haired singer who performed last weekend at an unnamed warehouse in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The concert was billed as the city’s first Seapunk Alien Disco Indie Rave, but only a handful of the 20-somethings clutching cans of Budweiser seemed to know precisely what “seapunk” even meant.

Have u evr shouted out Tumblr? Do yall know if seapunks pray 2 David Karp?

Look at these effing seapunks.

Is seapunk the nu- new nu-rave rave? I wanna go 2 a place with sillie t-shirts and glowsticks and ppl with stupid hair. <3

A look around the graffiti-lashed venue offered clues: T-shirts plastered with pixilated sharks, raised neon glow-sticks, several mops of hair dyed blue and green.

Sprouting from the digital petri dish of social networking, seapunk is a whimsical style that mashes together cartoonish aquatic themes, rave culture and a nostalgia for ’90s Internet imagery. The iconography, which exists almost entirely online, includes clip art of dolphins jumping through pyramids, aquamarine-haired mermaids with SpongeBob T-shirts, and psychedelic orbs flying over computer-generated waves.

Do u evr wonder if ur trapped on 'the digital petri dish of social networking'?

In the modern era of buzz, all u have 2 do is add a hashtag 2 something 2 make it a relevant, self-aware trend that innovative young ppl can talk abt like it 'matters.'

Started online last year by a tiny sect of social media geeks, seapunk gathered momentum as it echoed on Twitter, Facebook and especially Tumblr. It has occasionally surfaced, in the real world, with seapunk-themed parties and bands, but the real joy remains in tagging and sharing the trippy nautical images.

According to a D.J. in Brooklyn who goes by the Twitter handle Lil Internet, he coined the term “seapunk” last June after having a surreal dream, which he tweeted about: “Seapunk leather jacket with barnacles where the studs used to be.” His friends added a hashtag to “seapunk,” and a trend was born, like Aphrodite from the foam.

“The surprising thing is that it really was cohesive,” Lil Internet said by iChat; he declined to use his legal name, saying he is now known solely by his Twitter handle. He also described seapunk’s vibe as “Venice Beach Acid Rave 1995,” and cited surf-wear logos, yin-yang symbols and round holographic sunglasses as part of its look.

Here is some broad from the seapunk buzzband Zombelle. Does Shan Beaste look 'mad hot'?
zombelle Shan Beaste

s000 many mnstrm artists are STEALING the authentic seapunk aesthetic.

Despite their subculture status, seapunkers insist that their sensibility has been appropriated by the mainstream, or at least leeched by celebrity stylists. There’s no concrete evidence of piracy, but pop culture has indeed seen recent splashes of aquamarine: Nicki Minaj painted her skin blue for a Vogue shoot; Katy Perry wore a turquoise bob; a Google Image search of “seapunk” pulls up a photo of Lady Gaga with a neon blue wig.

“No one will actually credit it to us,” said Zombelle, who lives in Chicago and said her offstage name is Shan Beaste. “There are people who work for Lady Gaga that are in my circle of friends.”

Azealia Banks, a rapper from Harlem, is the rare notable who has publicly praised seapunk: she wore green hair, name-checked the genre on Twitter and has described herself as a mermaid. But Ms. Beaste dissed Ms. Banks, too. “Mermaids are vicious harpies who lure sailors to their death,” she said, scorn cresting in her voice.

Seapunk = alt = mnstrm.

BTW. This is what seapunk looks like.

Do u live 4 seapunk?
Is seapunk ripping off another genre/aesthetic?
Do u <3 or h8 microtrends?
Do u vibe 2 seapunks, or are they 'completely full of shit'?
seapunk fashion
Is seapunk a musical genre, fashion aesthetic, or just a lifestyle brand created by influential marketing firms?
Should MTNDEW/Converse sponsor the next microtrend genre?
Can seapunk replace chillwave as an 'internet fueled' microtrend, or would it actually require 'good music'?
Do trends 'mean anything' any more?
is the only good seapunk a dead seapunk?
HAs the internet 'ruined everything' or made everything 'totally awesome'?
Does seapunk make u wish that poor, artsy ppl couldn't afford laptops?
Has seapunk 'gone mainstream'/finally gone from sea 2 land?
seapunk dolphin



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Zombelle is a seapunk buzzband.

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