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WTF is ‘art’?

Video by Wojciech Kosma

A lot of people tell me 'Carles, ur an artist' but I have to tell them, 'I'm not an artist. I'm a blog.'  After seeing a video of this artist broad giving a microphone a 'hummer' while wearing a slutty lil outfit, I feel like I can 'adamantly confirm' that I am not an artist. It seems like most authentic art must take place in a gallery with white walls, and there can't be 'that many' people there. It probably has to be an opening where wine is being served, and every1 must stand around and watch/feel pressure to 'get' performance artists performing their performance art.

Feel overwhelmed by 'art.' As we continue to move forward in time, there are just more&more ways 2 express yourself--more tools, more ways 2 communicate, and more metaphors to be showcased. Kinda makes u wonder what is 'art' and what is 'just being alive.' Always feel very confused about this topic. I never went to Art History class during undergrad, and actually failed because of my poor attendance. Maybe if I had attended, I would have a better eye for 'what is art' and what is 'bullshit.'

It's kinda weird how art is supposed to 'represent life', and challenge u to think about some aspect of humanity/society is 'kinda fucked up.' I am not sure why people think expression is so important. Maybe it's bc we're all afraid of dying, and we feel like if we were able to 'make people think abt life [via art]', then we will never be forgotten. If u 'never forget', then u will live forever, kinda like 9-11 (until Generation Z has kids).

I feel confused about performance art. It seems like people who 'just want attention' made by the demographic of art students who have minimal technical skills, and must 'get sensationalist.' Possibly were neglected as children. Like they didn't have good parents who discouraged them from spending 5 years getting a 'master's degree' in Art. I am not sure if I want to be a designer or an artist when I grow up. Design seems 'corporate', and art seems 'raw.' Not sure which person I want 2 be 4 the rest of my life.

Not sure how 'the internet' has changed art. It seems like u shouldn't try to make 'art' n e more, maybe we should just focus on 'designing and branding streams of memes.' I did a googsearch for 'art vs design' and this image came up. Maybe it explains everything.

Just want to 'jack off' and 'shit' on objects, but not because I want it to be 'art', but because I sincerely have the desire to 'tug off' and 'defecate' on stuff. Wish I could just 'be' without having to put everything in a box/label/genre with dumb name/ stereotype.

Just want to stand in a gallery with a group of my closest bros, buzzed, and 'snicker' while some1 'seriously performs' something that might be 'very stupid.'

/////WTF IS ART?

Will a Helvetty tatty improve my personal brand?

As yall know, I am a graphic designer for a cutting edge advertising and mixed media firm in the greater Tri-State area. I am interested in letting the world know what I'm all about, not only as a human, but also as a designer. It's important to let people know what font I will use if I have to design a logo for them. Just want people to know that I will make 'a perfect choice' by choosing 'the perfect font.' Might be a good idea to choose an ARIAL tattoo so that it is compatible on windows PCs.

Do yall have a fave font that u would want to chill on ur body for the rest of ur life?

Wonder if I should write the actual font name, or possibly something else sweet, like a Dave Matthews Band lyric.

Feel 'tired' of blogging about 'body art.' However, I think that tattoos are becoming a 'normal part' of our modern culture, and more mainstreamers than ever are getting 'shitty tatties.' Sorta wish I could be a mnstrmr, so I would just have to get like a 'barb wire tat' or a 'butterfly tatty' or something. Feel pressured to get a conceptually well-executed tattoo.

Just trying 2 be an individual. Might just let the world know that I 'h8' America.

Tattoo on Tao Lin's body

Do yall know of any sweet tatties that are more than just 'a doodle on a body'?

Should I get a tattoo 2 show the world that I am a good Christian?

Photo by the cobrasnake

Yall. Been going through a lot lately. Actually 'turned to the Lordbro' to get through in my time of need. I feel like there are 2 things I my life that I truly love--God [via The Lord] and 'sweet titties.' I decided 2 'kill 2 birds with 1 stone' and get a picture of Jesus, the New Lord, and put a pair of sweet lil tits on him. It is also kinda a metaphor about my relationship with Jesus, and how my parents forced His 'fairy tale ass' on me.

Sometimes I even 'jerk off' and I cum all over Jesus. I try to get my semen on his face, and sometimes I rub them on my tattoo's nipples. It's sweet. I feel like some people would tell me that I am 'weird' but they probably aren't in touch with their sexuality. I just want to test the limits. I want to cum so hard with a huge, erect cock. I just want to push the limits, kinda like the movie Eyes Wide Shut. Feel like David Carradine, also known as Bill Kill, knew what life was all about since he just wanted to get off.

Sorta hope I die in a hotel room with some AZNs, and have a rope tied around my neck/cock. Seems like the last thing I wanna do b4 I die is 'blow my load.'

Do yall have any dark sexual secrets/secret tattoos that u would like 2 share? [via getting a regrettable tatty on spring break back when u were a masintreamer]

Carles Presents MEME: a Blog Post on

MEME is a blog post on HIPSTER RUNOFF. MEME is presented by Carles.

What happens if 1 meme changed everything we once knew about memes, changing the way that we meme, and shattering pre-existing notions of memery? Is the world ready for this meme? So many memes--but when can a meme be more than 'just another meme in the meme economy'?

MEME. Presented by Carles.

Carles asks: Can 1 meme ...change the world?

I want to go to a College that teaches this class. I would get a B+.

I was reading a blog, and I saw a video about a class that they teach at a progressive university. The point of the class is 2 'get famous' on the internet. It seems like a class that I would be good at. I h8 traditional classes like 'chemistry', 'psychology' and 'Latin American Studies.' I just want to be at a school that understands my existential needs, and what inspires me.

From what I understand, u r supposed to find a way to establish a personal brand and 'go viral' on the internet.


Sometimes I wonder if u even need college. Like if ur passionate enough about going viral, u can make n e thing happen. Kinda like the Choco Rain guy. He had a plan and didn't need a college education to make it happen. A lot of people want 2 'be famous' on the internet, but I they'd realize that if ur uninteresting enough to 'find meaning' in real life, then ur life/opinions/self-generated memes probably aren't interesting enough to make u a compelling figure 4 some1 2 follow on a daily basis. Not even if u r an altbro in a Basquiat shirt riding in a thong then vimeoing about it.

FEel like s0 many people try to 'find meaning' on the internet, or they think they deserve to 'get paid' [via advertising revenue] for just sharing their memes. They are s0 out of touch with reality. It's kinda weird how not even that many people want to be 'mainstream famous' any more. A more authentic version of fame comes with being 'microfamous' via the internet. Some people also want 2 b 'macro-anonymous.'

I feel like social networks, meme proliferation, and services that allow u to get feedback from a 'tribe' are bad for society/our economy. There are startup companies, bands, and web-based businesses that feel like they are 'making progress' because they sign up for social networks and get more feedback than ever. But every1 is getting feedback. It's just part of being alive on the internet. Just makes me kind of sad when a band 'thinks they are getting better and have a relevant fan base' when they have actually just been hanging around on the internet for weeks. Just think it's kinda funny/sad when entities 'stay alive' longer than they should just because they have THE INTERNET to exist as this entity.

Kinda like when some one 'makes a logo' for a cool new venture/blog/website that they are starting, then they make a myspace+twitter+fb group, and then they start being an ass hole about their venture. U wish they would just interact with u from their own profile, instead of [venture-name] It gets sad, and eventually, their web venture fails. They don't achieve their goals/fame/success/monetization. They probably put it on their resume, like ass holes, and will try to tell old people who interview them for a 'real job' that they 'had a startup company' just because they had a twitter and an ebay store.

Do yall know n e 1 like this? Do u h8 when people glorify these types of people for 'having an entrepreneurial spirit'?

Just sayin yall.... don't put all ur eggs in 1 basket. Even if u do get 'internet famous', it doesn't mean u'll get money 4 it, and it doesn't mean ur life will be meaningful. Not every1 can be Mark Zuckerberger.

But srsly... do yall think that class is 'bullshit'? I think that professor probably 'just gives every1 As' at the end of the semester, even the 'cunty, untalented girl' who 'shouldn't be at design school.' Can some1 tell that professor not to give the people in that video 'points' for the class even though I blogged about them? h8 helping ppl.
What grade do u think U would get in that class?
What obvious strategies would u use to 'build a following'?
Just want to be comfortable with who I am [in real life AND on the internet].

////I want 2 be famesies.'
Just want to 'get paid' and be 'critically acclaimed' for 'being myself' and 'living life' by 'being on the internet for 70% of my life.'

Bad News–Got Expelled from Design School

Yall-- got some bad news. Probably won't be able to blog as much since I got kicked of design school (I usually do most of my blogging from public wifi or the Digital Imaging Apple Lab). I was actually a student worker in the lab, and decided 2 start a lil business where I would use the large scale printers to make custom posters for my friends. It has actually always been my dream to start a t-shirt/poster eCommerce website.

N e ways... was actually printing out a hi resolution image for myself. Just wanted to hang this picture of Crystal Castles lead singer Alice Glass on my ceiling right above my bed. A lot of mainstreamers have pix of Jessica Alba/Cindy Crawford/Bob Marley in their room. I just wanted to alt-ify my dorm room a bit [via tugging urself 2 sleep].

But yea... my dickhead professor walked in and 'flipped a shit.' I wasted s00 much of the department's ink budget. He was angry, and said that my ideas were bullshit anyways because I just 'put Helvetica over everything and call it ART.' I was immediately called into the Dean's Office, and had a talk. My grades were low, yall. Just been getting caught up in other aspects of life, and sometimes I just don't care about meaningless Art History/Photoshop projects. Just want to get a Marc Jacobs/Urban Outfitters/Busted Tees internship. Got asked to resign from school so that they wouldn't have to expell me. Had to clear out of my dorm room by 5 pm. sucked.

Going to pretend that I am still going to college for the rest of the semester, then just pretend to drop out so that my parents aren't mad at me/stop paying my rent and make me move back 2 suburbia.

Have yall ever gotten in trouble for using resources that u weren't supposed 2?
Have yall ever been in trouble? How do yall 'deal with it'? Do u just try to say ur not supposed to fit in2 society and that every1 else is stupid and doesn't 'get' what 'truly matters'?

Not sure if this an advertisement for the band CUT COPY or some sort of meme/’dance sensation’

Memehijack via Swissmiss by Justin David Cox

Yall. Was just browsing the internet and saw this flyer thing. Does n e 1 know if Cut Copy has a new album coming out? Did they create a flyer to promote their upcoming album IN GHOST COLOURS? Kinda confused. I h8 the internet because nothing has an authentic context. u just kinda have 2 guess what everything means. The internet would be better if there was some sort of unified wikipedia tagging system that gave everything a bit more 'meaning'/'context.'

Does any one know what the key on the bottom left corner is? My Dell desktop keyboard has a "C" and a "V" key, but there isn't one with that weird symbol on it. Might have to get a USB keyboard attachment or download a 'weird characters' app. I hope that some1 makes an 'app store' for PCs. Personal Computers could use some of the functionality that iPhones have. Does n e 1 else agree/want to start a 'startup' with me?

I have a lot of ideas about technology and user experiences, but need to go to technical college to be able to execute them. Might regret going down the 'design school' route. :-(

Can’t believe Lance Armstrong ripped off the Obama HOPE meme aesthetic

Meme via ps4k

I remember during the Barry Obama campaign, I really got behind this meme of Obama representing 'hope.' Artist Shephard Fairey really found a way to take memes to the mainstream and have them be 'more than just an image that is freely traded on the internet.' His viral art created a timeless hit that will hang in the Obama Presidential Museum on the campus of Art Institute Chicago.

Can't believe Lance Armstrong hired the same meme designer to make his own propaganda/brand+identity. I think that Lance Armstrong created 'hope' after he beat cancer and conquered Europe, so it makes me kinda sad that he had 2 piggyback on the Obama meme. Feel like his brand is strong enough already, and he created something that has already transcended mainstream global culture with the LIVESTRONG BRACELET. [via Nike branding]

I just hope that mainstreamers are able to actually appreciate/notice that these 2 iconic memes are by the same designer bro. H8 when the world doesn't appreciate cobranding, but also kinda h8 when things 'aren't original' since I want everything to come from an authentic life force.

The Adobe Creative Suite May or May Not be Bad for Society

Image via Mouthpiece Sports

Sometimes I see images that are constructed for mainstreamers that they are probably supposed to think 'looks cool', but since I am so design-aware, I can't help but think it looks tacky and uninspired. So while a person over the age of 35 will think 'whoa--how did they get all of those players on that magazine cover? Totes looks like they are going after 1 ball...' I think it is stupid because they just created a bunch of layers in Adobe Photoshop. Not very impressive, yall. coulda made that cover as the project for my first class at college--Photoshop 101: for design majors and non majors.

I kinda h8 how my design school education makes me enjoy stuff that is 'supposed to look cool' a lot less. Every time I see a flyer, an advertisement, a webpage, or a commercial, I know exactly how it is made since I am skilled at every Adobe Design Suite Program. So while images might 'look interesting', the process behind them seems so EZ 2 replicate that I am just way above it. Sometimes I feel like I need 2 'ditch technology' and only design authentic things by manually cutting and pasting things together, but I am 0% skilled and kraftwerk.

It's like u see a video of a kid AZN who can make all of these 'amazing effects' and then u realize that this standardized technology has gimmicked us 2 think that we are able to better express ourselves' because the bottleneck of creativity has widened just cuz we have more tools, but still kinda just express the same shittie concept/topics + implement lamer aesthetics.


h8 creative azns. Isn't it kinda funnie how teachers in high school are probably making poorly informed decisions to encourage kids who can 'make laser fight videos' to pursue a career in the arts/film, when there is actually a supersaturated market of 'tweens who have an inaccurate self-concept in which they tell themselves that they are unique and creative because their parents bought them a high-end computer'?
(h8 tweens who brand themselves as 'creative' so that they don't have to take Calculus/physics/math/science/etc)

Is Adobe + Apple bad for kids? Should ppl only be allowed to 'make art' after they are done with college because their ideas 'probably suck' b4 then, and u should save them the humiliation of displaying their naivety in a piece of work that will last 4ever?

<3/h8 Adobe Creative Suite

Adobe gives creativity 'a new life.'
Without the Adobe Creative Suite, I would not be able to make art/design/memes.
Without the internet, I wouldn't get the feedback from my 'art' which would give me the positive reinforcement that is necessary to 'keep going.'

Dear Lord,
Thank u 4 Adobe. I will use u. But when I create 'art', I will make sure to not make it so obvious that I utilized ur functionality, and try 2 have my 'art' exist in its own space to be evaluated. I value ur product, but I don't want ppl to evaluate my technical skills in the final product.
Parsons / Pratt Class of 2011

What’s the difference between fashion, design, art, and memes?

Photos via Today & Tomorrow

This is an image of a high fashion show where a hot model is wearing clothes with a sunny side up egg on it. I think she also has a baguette on her head. She might be some sort of transformer who transforms in2 a picnic. Not sure what the dress is trying to 'say', but I think it has sometimes to do with survival, and how we have to go grocery shopping to stay alive, instead of being a hunter and gatherer. Might also have to do with the death of the nuclear family.

I know that I am kind of a 'fashion blog' but sometimes I don't 'get' fashion. It seems like the most bloggable looks are stuff that are too expensive for even upper-middle class people to buy. And most people 'don't look like models' so they look like they are 'trying too hard' when they try 2 look 'all cool and fashion-forward.' It makes me sad when I see poor people who wear 'clothes for poor people that they think are cool, trendy, and sexy.'

Every1 is just trying their best to look presentable and modern. Kinda sad when people 'try 2 b sexie' when they aren't.

I feel like if I saw some girl with eggs on her, it would make me think she is 'trying too hard 2 be kutesy' and probably needs to focus on developing a more intense sexual identity, instead of seeking shelter in deceptive kutesy aesthetics which represent a reluctance to 'grow up.'

Designs by Agatha Ruiz De La Prada

UGH. Still haven't figured out what's the difference between design, art, and memes?

Sometimes I just feel like we live in a world where every1 is just trying 2 b blggd about. Kinda like that 'In the future, every one will be world-famous for 15 minutes' quote by Andy Warhol, except it'll be m0re like:

"In the future, everyone will be internet-famous for 15 blog minutes."
-Carles, blogger from HIPSTER RUNOFF (2009)

New Animal Collective EP Cover Art

Yall. I feel like I'm getting older--not like actually falling behind on trends. But more of like 'confused and lost.' I think it's cuz I can't tell the difference between OPTICAL ILLUSION MEMES and Animal Collective Album Art. Kinda frustrating. Wish AnCo would put their name on their albums so that I wouldn't be so confused.

Merriweather Post Pavillion Meme

Untitled EP ?

The Zany Spinning Lady EP?

Krazie Roulette Wheel EP?

Searching for Grey Dots between the lines EP?

The Circle of Life EP?

Can some1 please tell me which of these are album art, and which of these are just memes?
WTF is the difference between design, art, and memes?
What is the best album art of all time?

Is it Santana's SUPERNATURAL [ft Michelle Branch and Rob Thomas]?

Is it Matchbox 20?

Is it Deep Blue Something?

Is it SantosGold?

Or is it the GooGoo Dolls?

Do yall think artists who still sell CDs with packaging are ruining our environment?
What should I do with all of the jewel cases from my youth?
Should I buy a CD binder and have it stolen from my car [via 2001]?
Should I get an iPod with a lot of space and brag about how many songs I have on it?
Should I boycott artists who do non-digital releases?
Do yall think it is funnie when a local band thinks they have 'made it' when their music is on sale at iTunes?
Feed / The /Animals / Yall

I just realized something.
I only rlly have 3 emotions. I can only rlly feel 3 ways about something.

I can <3 some1/something.
I can h8 some1/something
I can miss some1/something.

While yall may not respect me cuz I'm not complex, yall need to realize that these simple emotions are the core feelings behind everything.

<3 = when u either rllly luv some1 or when u 'fake luv' them and are kinda being sillie about liking them s0 much. Kinda worx both ways since I'm afraid of commitment/meaning what I say. U can prove that u rlly luv some1 or something by surrounding it with <3s. For example " <3 [object] <3 ."
h8 = when u hate something/dislike something/are uncomfortable in a situation/feel inconvenienced/feel like something has wronged u/don't like what something stands 4
miss = when u get a lil nostalgic about something u used to <3 or h8. It kinda symbolizes growin' up and seeing things a lil bit differently than u used 2. u nvr realize how important something was until u start 2 miss it. U can also kinda 'fake' miss some1 2 make fun of how u used 2 view the world.

Feeling in action:

h8 u

miss u

miss u

<3 u

<3 u

h8 yall

miss u

h8 yall

h8 yall

miss u

<3 u

h8 yall

miss u

<3 u

miss u

h8 u

h8 u

h8 yall

h8/<3/miss u

What do u h8/<3/miss ?
Let's get vulnerable.
want 2 see ur soul

What is a lifestyle brand?

Sometimes I'll get pretty into a band, or a t-shirt company, or any other sort of business, and I find out that they are not what I think they are. They are in fact 'a lifestyle brand.'

According to wikipedia:

A lifestyle brand embodies the values and aspirations of a group or culture.
A successful lifestyle brand speaks to the core identity of its customers. Individuals each have their own sense of self, based on their background (e.g. ethnicity, social class, subculture, nationality, etc.). A lifestyle brand provides a powerful supplement to this core identity, by allowing the individual to publicly associate themselves with the brand. 

Alternative lifestyle brands are the present and the future of the arts & entertainment industry. Bands will no longer be bands; they will be lifestyle brands. Designers are lifestyle brands. Films must exists as lifestyle brands. Blogs and Websites are lifestyle brands. Humans will be lifestyle brands.

In order to be a lifestyle brand, you must do any combination of the following:

  • Make Music
  • Make T-Shirts
  • Make totebags
  • Have an e-commerce website
  • Have 'inventory' of something cool within your apartment
  • Participate in yardsales/own a vehicle from which you sell your goods from
  • You have hired your best friend as a 'designer'
  • Have placed an ordered in bulk quantities from American Apparel
  • Have a myspace page with 500+ friends
  • Have exchanged emails with another 'lifestyle brand' about collaborating to make a cross-brander product
  • Have a logo
  • Have a website with over 100 images
  • Have an internship program
  • Have executed a 'guerilla' and or 'viral' marketing campaign
  • Have been blurbed in an alternative magazine or blog
  • Other crap that I'm sure people will cmmnt about

The best part about being a 'lifestyle brand' is that you are really easy to blurb about in alternative magazines that people may or may not read/take seriously. You supply writers with multiple 'talking points' that they can reference in blurb-style mentions. For example, HEARTSREVOLUTION.

Part of being a lifestyle brand means you don't have to know what the hell you are talking about. Here is an interview with some people who work in an ice cream truck.

Lifestyle brands are the only way to reach alternative markets. If you are a band or a business, and your audience is not willing to let you steer their identity, then you should not exist. We should all strive to be lifestyle brands, and take over the psyches of your friends, family, and any one who ever encounters you. When other people see you, they should say, "I wish that person made a t-shirt that I could wear so that other people would know that I associate with him/her."

For example, these kids love the Ed Banger Lifestyle Brand.

Should bands stop being 'bands' and start being 'lifestyle brands'?
Do you know any one with a startup lifestyle brand that deserves to be blurbed about on HRO?
When will HRO officially be a lifestyle brand?


A few of my favourite lifestyle brands:

  • Communist China
  • Nike
  • Michael Jordan
  • Pedro Winter/Tommy Banghalty
  • Supreme
  • McDonalds 50 Piece McNuggets
  • Pizza Hut 'Book It' Program
  • Broken Social Scene
  • Erlend Oye
  • Apple Computers
  • Google
  • Wal Mart
  • Rickrolling

What are your favourite and least favourite lifestyle brands?

Is this the worst/dumbest/lamest party flyer in the world?

bass off worst party flyer ever
A party flyer is meant to 'promote' an event, giving people a reason to be 'intrigued'/'inspired' to attend an event. Designers value the opportunity 2 create an image that will last forever, representing a moment in time where every1 celebrated, drank, and danced their a$$es off, bringing it 'effing hard.'

I just saw this party flyer for an alt event called BASS/OFF.
Do u think this is the 'worst party flyer u've ever seen in ur life'?
Or did they create a buzzworthy flyer worth talking abt?
Do u think these 2 alt dudes are trying to be more indie relevant than Nic Cage and Johnny Travolta?

Was Face/Off better than Con Air / Battlefield Earth / Broken Arrow?

Do u want to attend BASS/OFF?
R u excited about the upcoming wave of SXSW meme party flyers?
Is the graphic designer who made this 'a genius' or 'a huge lamestreamer'?
Do yall miss when movies 'kicked ass'?
Who had a better career: Cage or Travolta?
Would u rather see FACE/OFF or attend BASS/OFF?
Do yall miss the thriving electro scene of the blog house era, or is it still alive in California?

INFOGRAPHIC: Spoiled tweens send 3000+ texts per month

Was just reading some teen parenting blogs bc I have an unruly tween who only cares about texting, sexting, social media, vlogging, and funnie television shows that generate viral content. Anyways, I found this 'startling' graph that showcases how many texts tweens send per month. It seems like they send 3000 per month, which comes out to around 100 per day. Worried.

Who r they texting?
Who do they need to be talking 2?
What are they talking abt?

I have a real job and I manage a team of 7 people in the office and we don't send that many emails per day. It is just so baffling that my spoiled tween son sends 100 texts per day. Really glad I got him 'unlimited' plan bc our bill was $1k last month. Was hella pissed, and threatened to get him a pay-as-u-go phone.

Anyways, here is the 'infographic.' I am not sure if this is a real 'infographic' or just a boring ass bar graph chart. U can see the spoiled tweens send the most texts, and the older u get, the less texts u get.

Worried that I'm gonna turn 65 and I won't be able 2 send texts.

Why do u send less texts when ur a grown ass person?
Are u too busy dying so u don't connect with ppl as much?
Do u have more friends when ur young, and then when ur old u only talk 2 ur husband/wife, and u prefer to avoid them as much as possible?
Is texting 'real communication' or just bullshitting?
Are tweens spoiled?
Will tweens grow old and continue texting?
How much do SMS messages cost ur mobile phone service provider?

GAP pusses out on their sweet new logo bc ppl on the internet made fun of them

Recently, the popular American retailer THE GAP 'rebranded' with a sweet new Helvetica logo [link]. Basically just opened up photo shop, made a lil box, used the 'fade' tool, then wrote "Gap" in Helvetica font. Pretty chill with me. Nothing wrong with Helvetty.

Then a bunch of ppl on the internet made fun of them because it was such a 'lame' logo. Anyways, it seems like The GAP reverted to their old logo just because their new logo was a trending topic on twitter. Do u think the GAP was 'cyberbullied' into changing their logo? Should they have believed in their identity?

“Since we rolled out an updated version of our logo last week on our website, we’ve seen an outpouring of comments from customers and the online community in support of the iconic blue box logo.

“Last week, we moved to address the feedback and began exploring how we could tap into all of the passion. Ultimately, we’ve learned just how much energy there is around our brand. All roads were leading us back to the blue box, so we’ve made the decision not to use the new logo on any further.

“At Gap brand, our customers have always come first. We’ve been listening to and watching all of the comments this past week. We heard them say over and over again they are passionate about our blue box logo, and they want it back. So we’ve made the decision to do just that – we will bring it back across all channels.

Kinda unchill. Seems like they shoulda made a logo that they believed in, and stuck with it. Wish they understood that when it came to branding/user-experience, the customer isn't always right. It is the brand's responsibility to curate a modern experience for their customers.

Maybe they are just trying to 'milk the meme' or something to get more 'advertising on blogs.'
Do yall think that the Gap is 'mad lame'?

Here is the rest of the press release where they 'totally puss out' and say 'we should have consulted yall with some sort of facebook voting system or something. Sorrie, but glad yall <3 our old logo.'

“In the meantime, the website will go back to our iconic blue box logo and, for Holiday, we’ll turn our blue box red for our seasonal campaign.

“We’ve learned a lot in this process. And we are clear that we did not go about this in the right way. We recognize that we missed the opportunity to engage with the online community. This wasn’t the right project at the right time for crowd sourcing.

“There may be a time to evolve our logo, but if and when that time comes, we’ll handle it in a different way. “

Do brands take 'random ppl on the internet too seriously'?
Was the Gap Helvetica logo really 'a failure' or is it just as forgettable as the old/new Gap logo?
Should brands ever re-brand?
Should all brands consult with relevant bloggers/super users before morphing their identity so that there isn't an 'internet uproar' abt their new logo?
Is The Gap logo the ultimate 'logo failure meme'?
Should the Harvard School of Biz write a Biz Case abt the Gap logo, and how this whole fiasco has no impact on sales?

R u gonna miss the 'new, old' The Gap logo?

The Gap rebrands with Helvetica font 2 look more like Am Appy

So confused about the state of retailers in the modern world. Keep hearing rumors abt Am Appy going under, so I am not sure why The Gap would want to copy their logo, utilizing the popular font &#39;Helvetica&#39; to represent their corporate brand identity. It seems like a minimal logo, just relying on &#39;a famous font&#39; to carry ur brand and inspire mad sales. Does n e 1 know why so many brands use &#39;Helvetica&#39; font? Is Helvetty still relevant? Does it resonate with consumers? Do u wish relevant graphic designers came up with a new, alt, authentic font? Did Jeff Helvetica &#39;crush it&#39;/&#39;kill it&#39; when he designed Helvetty? R u more of an Arial/Cosmic Sands type of bro? Feel like the GAP might start using sexy, risque ads, or something. Part of me wonders if the future of the Am App aesthetic is headed towards The Gap aesthetic, and if The Gap is headed towards AmApp.


Is it weird how brands evolve to try to retain customers, instead of just letting them find a new brand that sells clothes that fit their personal branding/career needs + evolving body types? Is The Gap for &#39;Fat People&#39;? Is GAP unchill because they don&#39;t have a factory in America where they pay legalized workers above market wages? What is ur perception of the GAP/people who shop there/people who work there? What brands do u even like any more? Will a Helvetty logo make u <3 the Gap more than evr? Should American Apparel &#39;sue the fuck&#39; out of The Gap? Should Target &#39;sue the fuck&#39; out of Am Appy? Should Am Airlies &#39;sue the fuck&#39; out of Target? Should [brand that has Helvetty logo] sue the eff out of [brand that has Helvetty] logo? Is Helvetica still authentic, or has it finally &#39;gone mainstream&#39;? What are some new alt fonts that are chill/more authentic than Helvetica? Do u shop at The Gap? Is &#39;retail shopping&#39; 4 lamestreamers?

INFOGRAPHIC: How much do indie bands get paid per live gig?

From what I have heard, 'touring' is the only way for a band to make money because no1 buys albums any more, and when they do, retailers basically take all of the money. U have to 'tour hard' and hope u sell a lot of t-shirts so that ur band makes money. It seems like some website made an INFOGRAPHIC abt how much money acts make per gig. Feel 'jealous' of most of these acts, because they are making so much money.

Here is the mainstream version of the 'graphic', which tells us boring stuff.

White people honky bands make mad bank
-Tween sensations make more than u will make over the next 3-5 years per night
-Hootie bro from Hooting at the Blowfish still makes mad bank
-People will still pay to see rock n roll bans that dress up as clowns
-U should start a Christian band

Anyways, that is boring. H8 white people music. Coulda at least thrown some rappers in there (besides Darius Rucker).

So I decided to make an INFOGRAPHIC that illustrates how which indie artists makes the most buzz dollars per gig. Not sure if this is based on any sort of real fact / analytic, but it seems 'kewl.' If I had to guess, 'buzz dollars' are some sort of unit that measures the amount of tweets, blog buzz, and high resolution photos that are generated at your shows, along with attendance numbers + t-shirt sales.

Seems like some bands make 'tons of buzz bucks'. What bands were omitted, and how many buzz bucks do yall think they make? Does Phoenix make more buzzbucks than any1 in the world?

Do yall think this buzz chart makes sense?
Do indie bands even make money?
Does it suck 2 be a modern indie band?
Do bands deserve to make money?
Should bands make more money off album sales?
Would yall rather be a mainstream band or an indie band who is trying to earn 'buzz bucks'?
Do yall know much a top tier indie band makes per show?
Is it a 'solid' figure, or 'depressing'?
R u sad that J Bieb makes more money in a year than u might make in ur lifetime?
Would u rather be a billionaire in 'real money' or with 'buzz dollars'?

PHOTO: Best Coast's set list--Does her handwriting look 'mad blazed'?

They say u can learn a lot abt some1 by analyzing their handwriting. You can learn about their mood, what they've been thru in life, if their parents are divorced, if they have ever killed any1, or if they are gay/straight. There are tons of stylistic tools you can use to identify more info abt a human being based on their scribble scrabble. So fascinating how communication works--really makes u think that the internet isn't helping communication after all [via typing with standardized fonts.

N e ways...
Just looked at this photograph of Best Coast's set list, and I have to assume that this was written by Bethany Cosentino, the front-woman songstress of the fuzzy buzzy band. It seems like u can try to interpret who she is as a person based on this handwriting.


She seems chill, but kinda in a hurry, like she had to go to Subway to grab a quick smart-snack before the show.  She has a desire to be 'quirky' and use zany symbols to abbreviate mp3 names.  She seems tense, like she misses WAVVES, but at the same time, there are lots of soft, fun loving curves in her handwriting that seem to symbolize that she is 'kinda lifted' on marijuana cigarettes/bong pipe hits.   She runs out of space at the end of the page, showing that she is impulsive, and often does not think ahead. She lives in the moment, her writing started off 'huge' at the top of the page, but shows that she is bad at long-lasting relationships once they get boring/stale.

What is ur analysis of Bestie's handwriting?
Does it look 'blazed'?
Can u tell a lot abt a person from their handwriting?
Does she seem 'angry and troubled' or 'aloof and happy'?
Does she seem 'angry that Carles stole her weed'?
Have u seen Best Coast live? Does she 'kill it'?

Best Coast


Best Coast is a fuzzy buzzy band that sings abt dank, California, boys, and kitty cats

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GRAPHIC INFOGRAPHIC: Which nation has the biggest average peen size in the world?

Do yall ever stand in the mirror and look at how big your private parts are? You'll start to feel insecure, proud, or ashamed, then you'll take a step back and have a more global perspective... You'll begin to wonder, "Who has the biggest peens in the world?" It's so weird how different groups of people have evolved to have different skin colors, hair types, and some people can even get diabetes rlly easily.

But I guess the ultimate question is, "Which group of people have the biggest peens?" Many people think that Africa-based humans are 'hung', but other European countries are hella macho, so they probably have big peens too.

Sorta wonder if penis size has altered / determined the course of global civilization.

Who has the biggest penis size in the world?

Complete list + average penis size

1. Denmark – 7.59
2. Italy – 7.44
3. Sweden – 7.44
4. Australia – 7.41
5. Netherlands – 7.41
6. Belgium – 7.39
7. England – 7.38
8. Switzerland – 7.37
9. USA – 7.37
10. Greece – 7.37
11. Dominican Republic – 7.36
12. France – 7.36
13. New Zealand – 7.35
14. Ireland – 7.33
15. Panama – 7.32
16. Spain – 7.31
17. Canada – 7.3
18. Cuba – 7.28
19. Israel – 7.27
20. Portugal – 7.26
21. Brazil – 7.25
22. Egypt – 7.22
23. South Africa – 7.21
24. Germany – 7.21
25. Argentina – 7.21
26. Chile – 7.19
27. Colombia – 7.19
28. Russia – 7.17
29. Costa Rica – 7.14
30. Venezuela – 7.11
31. South Korea – 6.98
32. Peru – 6.95
33. Mexico – 6.89
34. China – 6.86
35. Thailand – 6.82
36. India – 6.74
37. Taiwan – 6.56
38. Indonesia – 6.54
39. Philippines – 6.14
40. Malaysia – 6.08

Not sure if this data is accurate, but makes sense maybe. Think it was 'sourced' from a gay blog's reader poll, so it probably carries no weight since people in Africa don't have computers, aren't gay, and don't read blogs abt gay lifestyle.  This poll claims 'white blooded' people have huge peens, and 'brown people' / AZNs have small peens. Might move to Scandanavia and try to get some 'hung' bros, and check out how big their penises are. Just hold them in my hand, feel insecure.

How big is ur peen?
What's ur nationality?
What type of human do u think has the smallest penis?
Do u think penis size matters when determining ur personal brand?

Democratic Party redesigns logo to tap into the post-Obama ‘HOPE’ brand

After the election of Barrack Obama in 2002, beating George W. Bush III in one of the most heated elections of all time, Democrats have been trying hard 2 hold on to their liberal, left wing power. Many say that the power of graphic design is what got Barry Obama elected into the Presidency chair because he inspired Americans 2 align with his logo that was all about 'HOPE'. It seems like the Democratic Party has 'unveiled' a new logo / brand / corporate identity. They are probably trying 2 ride Obama waves or something because he is trying to get re-elected with all of the other Presidents in every other State in the Union Confederacy. Who are u gonna vote for for mayor/city councilman/senator / Supreme Court Jousteece?

Logos + graphic design play a huge part in my consumer decisions every day. Something abt the Taco Bell / Pizza Hut logo makes me go there for lunch every day.

Really trying 2 analyze their new logo / brand. It seems like their old brand was all about 'being a donkey' and also 'being an American.' Now their new logo is about 'being a chill, minimalist Democrat' who only really cares abt reading design blogs, sweet fonts, and tweeting with @ObamaBro.

It seems like the "O" surrounds the D to represent the omniscient presence of Barrack Obama in the context of the modern Democratic Party.

Do u think their logo design and corporate identity will inspire u 2 vote for them?
Did Obama 'revolutionize politics' with effective graphic design?
Will the Republicans come up with a new logo in Comic Sans?
Is Obama 'overrated' as a politician, leader, and graphic designer?
Is the Obama brand more relevant than the Democratic Party Brand?
Are 'independents' ruining life 4 Democrats?
When Obama takes our country 'down the shitter' in 2011, will we all join chill ass Tea Parties?

INFOGRAPHIC: Only Poor People Need “God” 2 distract them from having crappy lives

I have been trying 2 find faith in my life, connecting with some version of a white or brown God, but I've been having trouble because I am 'upper-middle class.' Some scientist/sociologist/anthropologist just made this 'infographic' that demonstrates how poor people 'love God.' Rich countries are kinda into God, but they don't really need it as much because they are busy spending money on 'material things.'

Why do yall think that poor people / poor countries need 'God'?
Do u have a God bro in ur life?
Do only poor Americans 'need God'?
Do 'religion' and 'capitalism' go 'hand in hand'?

Here is the infographic:

What did u learn from this?

  • The 'brown' parts of the world believe in a 'brown' God
  • South Americans + AZNs chill with some sort  of Religious system
  • American Christians h8 being Catholic, but <3 their white God
  • Great Britain also likes to ride the protestant wave
  • Japan believes in some God even though they are ric
  • U should move 2 Scandinavia / a kewl European country if u want to be rich but not believe in God

R u Muslim, Catholic, Protestant, or 'other'?
Which country has the zaniest God in the World?
Do u wish this infographic was just a huge bubble that represented the world adopting a new wave Christian religion that helped us to 'get rich quick'?
R u happy u live in a rich country?
Would u rather be rich or have 'mad faith'?
Is religion and important part of ur daily life?
Do u wish 'harvesting buzzbands' was a religion?
Should P4k convert 2 become an indie deity?
Why do poor people need God so much?
Do white American poor ppl <3 God [via Walmart]?
Should we go into Third World countries and try to make them 'Christian' [via modern crusades]?
If we give them high paying jobs in factories, will they be willing to abandon 'God'/adopt a new version of God that tells them to make more iPods/sneakers?

INFOGRAPHIC: Old Navy lies abt the waist sizes of their jeans 2 make fat ppl feel skinny

It's soooo hard 2 find a pair of jeans that fits me because I am a woman who is transforming into a pear-shaped body/because I am a bro who is 'starting to drink tons of brewskies every night.' I used to wear Levis skinny jeans, but now I am 'fat as hell' and just searching for something that fits comfily around my big ol belly/rapidly expanding midsection. Pants that can comfortably help me waddle my 'fat ass' 2 my fourth meal on time.

Glad I found this chart so that I can buy jeans that have a small LISTED waist size, even though my ACTUAL waist size is 'out of control.' Really just helps me [psychologically] to know that my waist size is pretty chill, and that I am 'almost healthy.' Feeling good about myself based on the 'clothes that fit me.' Really hope that by the time I am old, the t-shirt size "XL" is recalibrated and called "S" just to make sure I feel healthy and beautiful.

Really just want to be overweight/obese, but still feel 'skinny' according to my jean size.

Are yall obese or skinny/healthy?
What is the most authentic brand of jeans?
Do u prefer jeans that make sure that there is 'no way in hell' that fatties can fit into their brand?
Are you more chill with brands that help 'fatties'
R u wearing Old Navy Jeans right now, feeling 'fat and ashamed'?

Should I go to Old Navy 4 the rest of my life? Is Old Navy the chillest brand on the planet 4 helping out our image?

What is ur waist size?
According to alternative society, are you 'obese' if ur waist size is over 29/30/32/34/50/80 inches?
What brand of jeans do u wear?
What types of jeans are for fat people?
R u obese, and do u prefer to just wear pants with an elastic band?
Is Old Navy for fat Americans?
Do u prefer jeans that are 'accurately sized' or ones that err on the side of skinniness?
What jean brands 'lie' about their size? Which 1s are accurate?
Do u think alternative retailers should help their target market to 'feel skinny' for the rest of their lives'?

Panda Bear continues to mysteriously delay album, releases Pedophilia-wave cover art

In a recent interview with Pitchfork, Avey Tare went on record and 'bashed' Panda Bear, saying, "Shit, I don't even know if that mother fucker's album is done yet." It seems like his words are true, and Panda Bear keeps 'mysteriously delaying' his album.
Starting to get pissed at Panda. Might join #TeamAvey. TOMBOY was sooo hyped but now worried that the buzz is dying, and critics are just gonna say 'that shit took forever, and it wasn't as good as Person Pitch.' U gotta hand it to Avey for making sure he pointed that out, ensuring that his own album will be more 'critically acclaimed' than Panda Bro's.

Anyways, Panda Bear 'released the cover art' for some new single. The single seems like it is just meant to 'distract' indie fans from the fact that his album is 'nowhere in sight.' Wonder if the label is rejecting his demos, saying, "Cmon bro. U gotta write something better than that." But then Panda is like "Nah... yall don't get it. This shit is the future." Then the rcrd lbl is like, "How bout u go write some more songs, and we'll select the most okay one.'

This is Panda Bear's 'single' cover for the song "You Can Count on Me" which seems like it is a sequel to "My Girls", now about "My Boys" based on the cover art. Not sure if he is riding the pedophiliabro wave or something, or if this represents 'natural love' for ur new born son.

The small son seems to be chilling hard on the broad shoulders of his dad bro.

R u pumped for this single?

Here is some fruity description of what it sounds like:

“A gentle duet between Panda Bear and himself, “You Can Count On Me” glimmers with third world melodic overtones, an ethereal uplifting number that is over before you become too familiar. “Alsatian Darn” on the other hand is a much different creature…a slightly foreboding track with an off-beat melancholy chord progression that occasionally lets the light break through with a jaunty two-step, if ever so briefly”

For some reason they are only releasing 500 copies. Wonder if the Panda market is dying down. Worried that Panda won't make enough money, and he will have to go back on tour with Animal Collective to sell out large venues.

R pissed at Panda Bear for 'delaying that shit' so hard?
Do u want him to only release it when it is perfect?
R u excited about the 'vinyl rip' of this song being released 4 free in mp3 format?
R u on TeamAvey or TeamPanda?
If Panda continues to 'delay' TOMBOY/not set a release date, will the blogosphere backlash him hard?
Is TOMBOY just a dream, and it will 'never come out'?
Is Panda Bear going to 'go insane' trying to write 'the perfect album'?
Does Panda Bear make u want to have children and write songs/draw pix of them 4 cover art?

Is this album cover 'natural' or 'pornographic' [via kiddie]?
Really thought TOMBOY woulda already saved 2k10...sad.

Panda Bear

Buzzband, Alternative Celebrity

Panda Bear is a member of Animal Collective. He wrote the hit album "Person Pitch" but failed to deliver in 2k10 with TOMBOY.

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Sufjan Stevens debuts racist album art, says new album will have electro/chillwave bangers

Sufjan Stevens has a new album coming out. I guess that means his 'latest EP' that people were 'trying hard 2 like' was actually just a collection of 'trashed' b-sides/incomplete songs. Apparently the new 'LP' is called The Age of Adz (pronounced Odds). Feel like maybe it is an album about 'the age of advertising mainstream products on alt websites' or something.

Here is some press release that describes the tone/sound/gimmick of the album:

It’s much too soon to cast descriptive lots, but we can say the new album sounds nothing like the All Delighted EP (although it shares similar themes of love, loss, and the apocalypse). Nor is this new album built around any conceptual underpinning (no odes to states, astrology, or urban expressways).

We can say it shows an extensive use of electronics (banjos and acoustic guitars give way to drum machines and analog synthesizers), and an obsession with cosmic fantasies (space, heaven, aliens, love), to create an explicit pop-song extravaganza, augmented by heavy orchestration, and maybe even a few danceable moments. Enjoy Your Rabbit meets the BQE. But with songs. Verse, chorus, bridge, backbeat. Gated reverb. Space echo. Get your boogey on.

R u pumped about 'pop' / 'electro'?
Will Sufjy ride chillwaves/throw down bloghouse bangers?
Will Sufjy just write entry-level electro songs?

Was the All Delighted EP a 'pile of poop'?
Will this new Sufjan album 'save' 2k10?
Will he be able to write modern, relevant electro, or will it be the entry-level bleepy bloopy crap he wrote before he went banjo folk wave?


Really worried it's gonna sound like this.
Hope it at least has 1 good mp3 on it.

R u pumped about the Sufjy 'full-length' or will it just be overhyped by entry level indie fans who just got done buy The Suburbs for $3.99?

Feel confused by his album art. Might suggest a theory that it is 'racist' because it depicts a sambo on the album cover. Maybe a clown or something. Kinda confused.

The “Adz” of the title loosely refers to the apocalyptic paintings of outsider artist Royal Robertson (1930-1997), whose work is used for the album cover, interior design, and as general inspiration for the tone of the album.

Just googled for the artist, found more doodles by him. [link]

Feel like Sufjan shoulda used a more sexual Royal Robertson painting. Wonder if Sufjy paid the artist's family, or if he just 'jacked that shit' like the Vampire Weekend bros.

Royal Robertson, a sign painter by trade, was born in St. Helena Parish, Louisiana. He left his native state in his early 20's and returned three years later to care for ailing mother. He then married his wife, Adell, but the marriage ended after 19 years, and Robertson has been alone and troubled ever since. He has been scorned by his neighbors and has turned to obsessive records of his visions in imagery and writings. His influences are two-fold; either the futuristic images of aliens, anticipated modes of travel, architectural dream houses or temples, and his tormented memories of his unfaithful wife, Adell, and their spoiled marriage.

Robertson's home and yard are virtually filled with his rotating signs, cursing Adell on the outside and ubiquitous drawings and shrines to her on the inside. His drawings show his accomplished trade of sign painter in their proportional architectural accuracy. Usually painted on poster paper with magic markers and tempera paint, they usually allude to precise moments in time, like when Adell was unfaithful to him.

Worried that Sufjy's lover was unfaithful 2 him

Is Sufjan's album cover filled with 'Racist Imagery'?
R u worried about this album?
Will this album be a 'huge disaster'?
Will this album be a 'mild success'?
Should Sufjan be more focused on 'going mainstream' + 'charting in the Top 5' instead of perpetuating his pre-existing brand?
Can Sufjy 'make the leap' beyond meaningful indie movie soundtrack songwriter?
Can Sufjy expand his fan base?
Is Sufjy's album art 'meme' enough, or should he have copied the ANCO_MPP album cover meme?
Is Sufjan Stevens a 'complete failure' until he finishes the 50 states project?

Coachella releases Official 2011 Lineup, Forgets to include artists on poster

Not sure what is going on with Coachella and their design team. For some reason, they released this poster today, answering the question "When Is Coachella 2011?" but not really answering the question, "Who is playing Coachella 2011?" Feeling confused. Not sure why this poster exists. Seems like those are dates on the poster, but not a huge list of buzzbands.

Super disappointed by the lack of information in this .jpg.
Maybe this is just some sort of 'private jpg' for industry insiders so they can put the dates on their Outlook calendars, or they have to 'secure this date' so no other music festivals try 2 compete with them.

It seems like a kinda lonely field depicted in the image, maybe trying to represent a lack of buzzbands in Indio, California. Probably a metaphor for the buzz drought of 2k10, and how we are just 'praying' for 2k11 to restore positive indie vibes with new, relevant albums and buzzbands. Really hope Coachella isn't in some sort of 'booking crisis', unable to book buzzbands cuz they are all demanding 2 much money. Hope Coachella will work out. Things aren't looking too good.

R u gonna go to Coachella?
Are buzz mp3s and buzzbands hard 2 find in 2k10?
Will the indiesphere 'recover' by 2k11?
Should the 'designer' who created this meme .jpg be 'fired' for leaving out tons of information?
Will Jay-Z and Beyonce 'curate' an indie stage at Coachella?
Should I make a copy of this .jpg at Kinko's and put it up as a poster on my wall?



Coachella is a music festival held in Southern California that turns into a gathering of the world's most relevant buzzbands, artists, designers, celebrities, and internet personalities.

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Pie Chart Meme Graphic: How artists, record labels, & retailers split album sales

Have always wanted to start a buzzband, but didn't really know if it was 'worth it' cuz of the state of the modern music industry. Feel like there is some sort of 'effed up' system where bands don't even get paid, and even if u go mainstream, tons of entities are 'stealing ur money' cuz they market + distribute ur music. Mad bummed. Thought being a rock star would get u mad rich, but feel like this chart illustrates that bands 'don't make that much money.'

Feel like if I had a band, I wouldn't have a manager, bass player, or lead guitarist. I would avoid signing to a record label, and would try really hard not to use a distributor. Might outsource an 'album sales website' to a web design firm in India. Just gotta maintain all my profits, avoiding 'legal counsel' and even a 'producer.' So weird that bands have to spend money on all of this stuff.

'Solo project' without any sort of band / marketing infrastructure seems ideal. Wonder if chillwave/lofi/being Radiohead is the best possible band business model, since you can minimize 'bullshit costs' and really focus on exploiting your tribe.

Really just want to keep all of the profits, knowing that my art belongs to me, and no1 can use it without my consent.
H8 how the music industry is so effed up, and it doesn't even allow us to make art any more. Even Larry Gaga is a 'slave' to the horizontally integrated corporate structure.

Do artist 'make money' from album sales?
What type of band would yall be in?
What staff would u have if you had a band?
What are some good ways to 'cut corners' and save ur band budget?
Will I make more money in my life if I have a mediocre 9-5 job for 35 yea, or if I have a buzzband that has 2 albums that sell moderately well?
Does this mean I'm never going to be a rock star / blog star?
Is the music industry 'swirling down the shitter'?
Do musicians deserve Health Insurance?
Do record labels 'steal' tons of money from artists, or are bands 'worthless' without relevant record labels?
Do musicians/bands waste tons of money on goods and services that they don't need?

Snarky JPG Meme emerges ‘making fun of’ the ‘hipster fashion cycle’

It seems like some1 designed this picture to create a 'snarky take' on the hipster fashion cycle. The JPG photo, possibly designed in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator seems to try to 'analyze trends.' Assuming that 'hipsters' are on the cutting edge of culture, this photographic tries to 'give in depth analysis' on how 'effing hipsters' try so hard 2 be individuals, but don't realize that they are 'just part of a fickle cycle.'

Really opened my eyes, and made me feel like I wasn't unique [via Fight Club/Tyler Durden/Brad Pitt].

Do yall think this meme is 'insightful', 'duh', or 'just plain wrong'?
Are there any problems
Do yall feel like every phase of the fashion/trend cycle is sorta ironic/post-trendy?

So many mainstreamers trying to go viral with 'hipster memes.'

Do yall think this cycle applies to every hipster fashion/trend?
(Yes/No) Mom Jeans
(Yes/No) Shuttershades
(Yes/No) Fixed Gear Bicycles
(Yes/No) Twitter
(Yes/No) Facebook
(Yes/No) Skinny Jeans
(Yes/No) Vintage thriftwave shopping
(Yes/No) being Richie Tenenbaum for halloween
(Yes/No) being Margot Tenenbaum for Halloween
(Yes/No) Record Hats
(Yes/No) The XX
(Yes/No) chillwave
(Yes/No) Animal Collectives
(Yes/No) masturbating
(Yes/No) Child Predator glasses
(Yes/No) Palestinian Scarves
(Yes/No) Fedoras
(Yes/No) Duvets
(Yes/No) working at a coffee shop
(Yes/No) working at a starbucks
(Yes/No) going vegan
(Yes/No) going to Six Flags
(Yes/No) wearing khakis
(Yes/No) drinking soy milk
(Yes/No) memeing on the internet

Just trying to 'break down' this meme, and see if it is 'truly insightful' or if

Do yall think this infographic is 'correct'?
Do yall adopt trends or do u transcend them?
Do u h8 'effing hipsters'?
Do all alternative trends turn mainstream, and all conservative mainstream trends turn alt?

Best Coast’s new album art confirms that she is the ‘crazy cat lady’ of the indiesphere

Best Coast is a popular indie artist who is all about letting people know that she is from California, she loves smoking weed, and that she loves her cat. It seems like her album cover got 'mad literal.' Feel like this appropriately conveys that she is from California, and that she has a chill cat who loves to get 'second hand high' with her and WAVVES. Her album art also includes a partial map of California, enabling you to 'get lifted' and go on a meaningful road trip, being mad stoned and looking out over the ocean without a care in the indie world.

Wonder if she should have made her affiliation with drugs 'stronger.' Maybe she should have made her cat 'smoking a joint' sorta like WAVVES' album cover.

Will Best Coast 'chart' in the billboard top 10?
Will her album 'chart' in the Pitchfork Top 10?
Can Best Coast create and iPod nano-like commercial opportunity that helps her to get mainstream famous?
Do u want to go on a meaningful drive with Best Coast, or do u feel like WAVVESbro would 'not pay for any weed' and just 'leech hard' off u?
Do u wanna get lifted with Best Coast and chill with her cat?
Is Best Coast branding herself as a 'cat lady' 2 much?
Are you looking forward to the Best Coast album cycle?
Can some1 plz photoshop mashup these 2 albums to make the ultimate album art that symbolizes their relationship and their music and their love of California, animals, and weed?

Best Coast


Best Coast is a fuzzy buzzy band that sings abt dank, California, boys, and kitty cats

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Is M.I.A.’s album cover ‘modern art’ or just an ugly photoshop doodle?

M.I.A. 'unveiled' her album art in .jpg format for the internet to blog about. The 'album art' release is an important step in the album cycle, because it can give your album an 'extra' newsbit if your band is relevant enough.

Not sure what the concept behind her album art is. Maybe it is some sort of statement about youtube, and how we are connected to the internet. Maybe like 'streaming video: we are just waiting 4 our lives 2 buffer.' Sorta confusing. Like a hyper reality where moments no longer exist for themselves', perhaps they only exist to 'go viral' and rack up millions of views on youtube.

Probably has no concept behind it. Much like M.I.A., her album is probably just supposed to 'get attention' even if the message is hollow. I guess it's chill. Sorta just like some1 getting blazed, then opening up photoshop, google image searching for some pix, and making 'art.' Wonder if vibes like this hurt photoshop as a creative tool, or if there will be a 'revival' of 'tactile art' since photoshop is sorta being used for 'doodling purposes.' Not sure if there is an official word for a 'photoshop doodle.'

Have yall ever 'got blazed' and made some sort of trivial art, then showed it off to people, then sorta saw their faces look at you like you were in 'special ed' and just did some finger painting?
What is the best kind of album art?
Do u like the 'album art' release part of the album cycle?
Do u wish u could collab with M.I.A. and make some internet-themed album art?
Is this album art more authentic than AnCo's performance at the Googleheim?
Can u interpret what this album art 'means'?


Buzzband, Alternative Celebrity

M.I.A. is known for thinking that the American government is out 2 get her.

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