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Just catching some tween vibes, feeling pretty hopefulwave vibes about life.


I've been thinking a lot about 'vibes' lately. Just trying trying to wrap my head around what 'vibes' really means, and how important 'vibes' are to the buzzosphere. It seems like all media outlets are trying to relay the 'vibes' that they are feeling 2 the human race. Sorta seems like 'vibes' a 'feeling' inside of u. Some sort of natural reaction to something. Whether it is a buzzband, a public space, a music festival, an environment, a human, or even an idea. Ur vibes are ur natural reaction 2 something.

Seems like there are 'so many ways' 2 pick up vibes.

Maybe ur vibe receptors incorporate some sort of 'sixth sense' based on your social life + upbringing + exposure to vibes over the course of ur life.

Seems like when u express urself, ur just trying 'tell people how ur vibes are.'
vibes are so abstract, yet so intuitive, kinda like explaining an iPhone 2 some1.
Vibes are particularly important to indie music fans because buzzbands give off vibes, and humans are supposed 2 react 2 them. If u like a band's vibes (both their sounds and the way they look), then u retransmit their vibes to more humans. U try to chill with this band at their live show, and be in a room where a massive vibe formed from the vibes of band playing live + the group of like-minded vibing fans.

The act of vibing seems 'so natural', like pure vibes

Just want yall 2 use this post to 'explore vibes.'
React naturally to how things make u feel, and try to explain the vibes u pick up.

Might just catch some beach vibes. Chill on the best coast, become king of the beach riding wavve vibes.


Might just get some LA-type party vibes with my girl Ke$ha. Whiskey vibes


Might get 'hornie' and feel some erection vibes.

Video via eatskeet

Vibes seem grizzly. Not sure if these are authentically Veckatimesty vibes


Sorta really want to get in on the d.i.y. indie scene vlogger vibes.
Seems like true buzz humans are sending out mad positive vibes.

Might just chill out, eat some gummi worms, catch some diabetes / cavity vibes


Just vibing with the girls. Catching some fun vibes.


Feeling kinda Boom Boom Black Eyed Peas type of vibes. Will.I.Am's vibes kinda get me jacked up.


Not sure if I really want to 'go north' and catch some Canadian indie scene vibes. feeling harshed out.


The pregnant tummie really killed my vibes. It seems sweet to transmit semen vibes to hotties [via oral / anal vibes], but not sure if giving pure, Trojan-less raw vibes 2 any girl is a chill idea. Life's vibes are apparently mad harshed by lil kids.


R u vibing hard? Will u follow ur dreams?

How do u feel about 'vibes'?

Should buzzbands be more vibe conscious'?
Do u like music reviews that tell u what 'vibes' the band gives off?
Do u want to explore every vibe the earth has to offer u?
Do u h8 it when a buzzband's mp3s give u chill vibes, then u see them live, and the vibes are harsh?
What r ur fave kids of vibes that humans can give off?
What common vibe do u pick up from a new buzzband?
What vibes do u pick up from a huge indie band like the Arcade Fire?
What vibes do u pick up when u go home for thanksgiving?
Do u ever pick up harsh vibes from a homeless person?
What vibe do u get when u go over 2 ur drug dealer's house?
Are hookah bars for people who want 2 pick up entry level vibes?
Does marijuana enhance ur 'vibe receptors' or is that just a druggie myth?
Are 'Californian vibes' the most glorified vibes of all time?

Been vibing out a lot lately.

Just vibing to some vibes, both chill and harsh, trying to vibe myself in a position where vibes will always be chill.
What vibes have u been picking up lately?

What’s the difference between fashion, design, art, and memes?

Photos via Today & Tomorrow

This is an image of a high fashion show where a hot model is wearing clothes with a sunny side up egg on it. I think she also has a baguette on her head. She might be some sort of transformer who transforms in2 a picnic. Not sure what the dress is trying to 'say', but I think it has sometimes to do with survival, and how we have to go grocery shopping to stay alive, instead of being a hunter and gatherer. Might also have to do with the death of the nuclear family.

I know that I am kind of a 'fashion blog' but sometimes I don't 'get' fashion. It seems like the most bloggable looks are stuff that are too expensive for even upper-middle class people to buy. And most people 'don't look like models' so they look like they are 'trying too hard' when they try 2 look 'all cool and fashion-forward.' It makes me sad when I see poor people who wear 'clothes for poor people that they think are cool, trendy, and sexy.'

Every1 is just trying their best to look presentable and modern. Kinda sad when people 'try 2 b sexie' when they aren't.

I feel like if I saw some girl with eggs on her, it would make me think she is 'trying too hard 2 be kutesy' and probably needs to focus on developing a more intense sexual identity, instead of seeking shelter in deceptive kutesy aesthetics which represent a reluctance to 'grow up.'

Designs by Agatha Ruiz De La Prada

UGH. Still haven't figured out what's the difference between design, art, and memes?

Sometimes I just feel like we live in a world where every1 is just trying 2 b blggd about. Kinda like that 'In the future, every one will be world-famous for 15 minutes' quote by Andy Warhol, except it'll be m0re like:

"In the future, everyone will be internet-famous for 15 blog minutes."
-Carles, blogger from HIPSTER RUNOFF (2009)

Remembering Sparks–An Extended Memorial

What HRO fans will look like in 2k10?


Sparks is gone.
We continue to mourn in authentic and inauthentic ways. The process of mourning is more important than your expectations of results.

Is n e 1 else investing in the post-ironic vintage Sparks products market circa 2k20?

Buying a lot of this stuff from Plz don't outbid me, yall. This stuff is really important 2 me.
I beta tested Sparks when I was on a tour of the World of Coca Cola Brewery in Atlanta, GA.

Related Posts from which this meme has been built
Sparks: A Eulogy by a True Bro


Carles is one of the most important bloggers in the history of the blogosphere. His posts are consistently meaningful in a meme economy where memes are forgotten within hours of posting. His memes and posts digg deep into your alternative soul, and stay with you forever. It's difficult to do what Carles does--he's consistent, empathetic, and his writing transcends anything ever done by any other human. After every post, an army of entry level commenters leave comments like 'nice post' or 'this post sucks.' No other blog is critiqued like a work of art on a daily basis. HIPSTER RUNOFF is more than just a meme pooper.

As the year 2k8 winds down, we will take some time to celebrate the year behind us. We will help Carles to find out which of his posts made the biggest impact on the alternative eCommunity. While there is a sidebar full of 'memorable posts', only the readers know which posts are memorable. Help HIPSTER RUNOFF. Let HRO know which posts were memorable 2 u.

Foreward by Carles, CEO, CFO, COO, Online Editor of HIPSTER RUNOFF

What was ur favourite post of 2k8?
What was ur least favourite post of 2k8?
What does Carles need 2 change in 2k9?
Is HRO 'too formulaic now'?
Should Carles post a suicide vlog on vimeo/youtube?
Will HRO die in 2k9?
What does HRO mean 2 u?

<3 u / h8 u / miss u

I just realized something.
I only rlly have 3 emotions. I can only rlly feel 3 ways about something.

I can <3 some1/something.
I can h8 some1/something
I can miss some1/something.

While yall may not respect me cuz I'm not complex, yall need to realize that these simple emotions are the core feelings behind everything.

<3 = when u either rllly luv some1 or when u 'fake luv' them and are kinda being sillie about liking them s0 much. Kinda worx both ways since I'm afraid of commitment/meaning what I say. U can prove that u rlly luv some1 or something by surrounding it with <3s. For example " <3 [object] <3 ."
h8 = when u hate something/dislike something/are uncomfortable in a situation/feel inconvenienced/feel like something has wronged u/don't like what something stands 4
miss = when u get a lil nostalgic about something u used to <3 or h8. It kinda symbolizes growin' up and seeing things a lil bit differently than u used 2. u nvr realize how important something was until u start 2 miss it. U can also kinda 'fake' miss some1 2 make fun of how u used 2 view the world.

Feeling in action:

h8 u

miss u

miss u

<3 u

<3 u

h8 yall

miss u

h8 yall

h8 yall

miss u

<3 u

h8 yall

miss u

<3 u

miss u

h8 u

h8 u

h8 yall

h8/<3/miss u

What do u h8/<3/miss ?
Let's get vulnerable.
want 2 see ur soul

I just want to be a part of your family.

I'm not sure if yall have noticed, but I HIPSTER RUNOFF is going to start pushing a 'progressive conservative alternative agenda.' I want 'authentic family values' mixed with 'authentic altness' so that we can strengthen or local scenes, & help every1 feel like they are part of a special movement that is bigger than ourselves.

I want us to reach out to people from our past who we didn't connect with, and even to our parents so that they can understand that we have found a better way to live life. We need more alts in the world, and we need to let them know that they can be a part of the family.

I was particularly touched by an email from an HRO reader who is trying her best to make the world a little bit more alt. She made her mother an authentic Birthday Card.

What can u do 2 make the world a better place?
R u going to make ur family a slideshow in Keynote for Xmas?
R u going to promise 2 make ur mom 1 bloghouse mixtape per month?
Are you going to go around town and hang up meaningful signs typed in Helvetty?
Now that Barry Obammy is Pressy, we have to do more to make sure that we r making the world a better place. If a black man can become President, then I believe every mainstreamer can become alt.

We need more Arts N Crafts funding in our suburban communities 2 fight depression + suicide.

We’re all proud 2 b an American now that Barry Obammy is Pressy (NSFW)

[Photo by lastnitesparty]

God Bless The HRO


(to the tune of "God Bless the USA")

If tomorrow all the things were gone,
I’d kinda worked for all my life/went to design school 4.
And I had to start again, (transfer colleges)
with just my lil alt and my entry level alt GF.
I’d thank my lucky stars,
to be livin here today.
‘Cause the electro bolt flag still stands for altdom,
and mnstrms can’t take that away.

And I’m proud to be an Alt,
where at least I know my mind is free. (from corporate bullsht)
And I wont forget the electrowarsoldiers who died,
who gave that right to me.

And I gladly stand up,
next to you and defend her still today.
‘Cause there ain’t no doubt I love this land,
God bless the Alt.S.A.

From the blogs on the hypemachine,
to the douchey clubs of LA.
Across the party pix HTML templates,
From meme to viral meme.

From Seattle down to Austin,
and New York to L.A.
Well there's authenticAlt in every American heart,
and its time we stand and say.

That I’m proud to be an AltBro/FGGT/authenticAlt/Altbag,
where at least I know I’m free (spirited/liberal).
And I wont forget the blipsters/AZNs who died,
who gave that right to me.

And I gladly stand up,
next to u and defend her still today.
‘Cause there ain’t no doubt I love this land,
God bless the Alt.S.A.

And I’m proud to be and Alternative member of society,
where at least I know I’m differentiated.
And I wont forget the cool/aloof dads who died,
who gave that right to me (via inheritance).

And I gladly stand up,
next to you and defend my personal brand still today.
‘Cause there ain’t no doubt I love this blog,
God bless the HRO.


The Olsen Twins Have Lived Meaningful Lives BC they chose to be 'alt' instead of 'mainstream'

I was reading PEDESTRIAN.TV, and I saw that the Olsen twins are about to publish a meaningful scrapbook:

The latest venture being a coffee table book titled "Influence" which seeks to share the Olsen's own pop culture influences (everyone from Terry Richardson, Karl Lagerfeld and Radiohead).

I rlly need 2 start to think about which pop culture references have had huge impact on my life. Should I start listening to more abstract Radiohead lyrics that I can apply meaning to? Just need 2 make a coffee table book/meaningful scrapbook.

I feel like I can really gain from reading the Olsen Twins'z memes, since they had a gifted childhood, and now life an authentic alternative life. They have access 2 anything they could ever want. The Zaniest accessories. The kutest males. The finest drugs. The best Buffalo Exchange outlets. Autoacceptance to any respected alternative university in the world. They have it all, yall.

We need to jump on this opportunity to get inside of their heads.

N e obtained pictures from Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's book. I thought I'd post them so that yall can 'relate' to them.

Do yall feel 'closer' to the Olsen twins now?
Don't u luv when the special-est people in the world share their beautiful minds & memes with u?
Isn't it refreshing to see that even 'celebs' have zany, random, meaningful thoughts going through their heads?
How old were u when u made ur first/last meaningful scrapbook?

Remember when the Arcade Fire changed the way we valued music?

I'd give anything to go back to the days when music was allowed to be meaningful.
I'd give anything to go back to the days when music was meant to inspire medium-sized clubs of people.
I'd give anything to go back to the days when I 'just wanted a moderately cute+indie GF', even if she was the 'a little bit too chubby' type who 'coloured her hair' and 'took her trivial position at a college radio station seriously.'

I'd give anything to go back to the pre-Blog era and really just take a moment to 'appreciate it.' Back before there was 'hipster', and blog centuries before the 'alts.' We were just ourselves, searching for a way to represent our complex outlook on life.

I'd give anything to go back in time, and appreciate chorus-driven indie rock. The collective voices were the sound of my angsty soul that was unsure of my alternative future. They were calling out for a little bit of direction in an uncertain time. Would we ever find the authenticity that we were looking for?


Arcade Fire


The Arcade Fire is a 2k0s indie band that went mainstream because their songs sound like meaningful anthems. They pretend to be Canadian but Win Butler (lead singer) is actually from Houston, TX.

Read more>>>>


In today's Mainstream=Alt eInstallation, the blggr/webartist "The CRLS" attempts to connect with humanity by using a 'lil guy' from the hit film Electroma. In this tiny robot, we can all see a bit of ourselves'. We all have hopes, dreams, fears, wants, needs, and more questions than answers. Maybe there is more 'yall' in humanity than we even realize.

H U M A N   A F T E R   Y A L L

H U M A N   A F T E R   Y A L L

H U M A N   A F T E R   Y A L L



Daft Punk

DJ, Buzzband

Daft Punk is a French House band that 'peaked' with discovery.

Read more>>>>

Third Eye (Blind/Alt)

[Street Clash Image Street Fashion Blog]

It's important for both sides of the impending Electro War between France and Australia to remember that there will be serious repercussions if either side decides to use nuclear weapons. I'm really worried about the electroFallOut if things go wrong. I know that some alts have gold skin, and fake eyes as accessories, but if we become contaminated, it might change our personal brands forever.

If I had 3 eyes, would my shutter shades/wayfarers/FGGT goggles stop working? If I had g0ld skin, would girls/gheys still want 2 tug me? h8 thinking about change. I am only now starting 2 'feel comfortable with who i am, and what my personal brand has evolved into since age 12', so if I had to overcome any sort of 'deformity', it would be rlly tuff. Kinda like when ugly people 'try to fit in' with mainstream crowds, then they don't, then they try to fit in with alt crews, but then they realize they are ugg and can't fit in any where, and end up listening to krappy music.

Right now, this bro is a 'freak', but what if we lived in a future where every1 'was a freak.' Then 'normal' would be redefined, and we'd have to redefine 'alternative' too. Just a lot of busy work that I'm not sure I'd have time 2 complete.

s00 w0rried about nucular fallout. g0nna suck. Every1 needs to realize that wars are SRSLY serious. Wish I could talk to Barry Obama in one of those debate thingies to let him know what our real problems are. h8 politix...kinda wish the government was 'a blog' and we could just vote on things using polls, and if u had a complaint, u could just leave a scathing cmmnt.


miss u



This post has been brought to you by MAINSTREAM=ALT, an eArt Gallery presented by Carles of the popular weblog The Hipster Runoff.

Who do u see when u go 2 Music Festivals?

Been to n e good music festivals lately?

Did I miss n e 1?
Is n e demographic over/under represented?
Do u like live music, or is it better on ur iPod?

The Search for the Perfect Alt Bingo Board

Is this better, yall?
Does it do a better job of 'branding'?
What is missing?
What ever happened 2 shutter shades?
Should somebody make a new game gimmick besides BINGO? Or would it be too complex to convey something like 'ALT MONOPOLY', 'ALT HUNGRY HUNGRY HIPPOS', 'ALT SORRY!', 'ALT LIFE', 'ALT OLD MAID', 'ALT WII TENNIS', 'ALT CONNECT FOUR', 'ALT CROSSFIRE', 'ALT CHUTES AND LADDERS' 'ALT DUCK HUNT' or 'ALT OPERATION'?

[Picture submitted by 'Anonymous' cmmntr #142048]

I play this game in real life every day, yall.

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